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Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins


This weekend I’am going to watch all of them.Today only watched Contract to kill,not that but the budged of movie can’t be 24 million usd as indicated İn IMDB
Is that Michael Madsen (Mr Blonde) I see in the cast of Primary Target too?

Surely China Salesman wasn't good enough to warrant a sequel.
This certainly is a sales poster. That Adkins picture is from The Expendables 2. So the cast isn't 100% locked yet.
The cast keeps changing so would take it with a pinch of salt. Just hope Seagal is centre-stage and not a cameo.

Maybe this was the film that was being made at the time the Evening with Seagal event was cancelled.
Who makes these 'posters'? haha, is it someone just having a laugh? Decent cast though. We need Seagal to do a Q&A video and let us know his plans...
This certainly is a sales poster. That Adkins picture is from The Expendables 2. So the cast isn't 100% locked yet.
Looks as if they are in the drumming up funding stage...but I hope it gets off the ground, and isn't another of the many titles that never make it to filming.
Good cast, but not sure what to think about the project.

Maybe another supporting role for Seagal...?
I really hope that he will be the lead, but a decent size supporting role is possible. I really don't mind IF the movie is decent. I thought Beyond The Law was a very decent dtv action/thriller.
I don't think the poster actually looks that bad, especially if it is just an early rush job.

Didn't care much for Beyond the Law. Thought it was pretty dull and very cheap.

Felt like I was watching an early unfinished version which hadn't been properly mixed yet.

Seagal as usual was by far the best thing about it.
If Scott Adkins is in it, then I would highly suspect he will have 90% of the cool fight scenes and Seagal will punch a guy here and there and only have a few scenes but Seagal will still be first billed. Just my guess
Here is a trailer of one of the directors latest movies:

Wow if this will be the next 'quality' of a Seagal movie then call it quits. That was awfully put together and looked like it was filmed on a mobile phone, seemed like an episode of a lame TV soap. Anyway. I hope Seagal is doing something worthwhile behind the scenes while he's been off the radar, trying to get a good movie together and maybe even focusing on losing a bit of weight, too.