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I watched Exit Wounds at the theater and also from my DVD
Ibelieve it is a good action film and I will watch it again in the future. No body expects Mr Seagal to be an Oscar Nominee but he
is good in what he does. Wish he would loose some weight (me too)


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Seagal briefly returned to box office power with this Joe Silver produced action thriller. Here he plays a cop who uncovers police corruption involving stolen heroin and teams up with the mysterious DMX in order to smash the case. Thanks to good production values and a decent supporting cast this would in my opinion be Seagal's best movie since "Under Siege". He was made lose 30lbs for the role and looks the better for it during the numerous fight/action sequences. Although the use of wires in the picture has divided a lot his fans I actually did'nt mind them and thought they added a coolness to his character and the movie and the effect was not overdone as it was in other action films released around the same time. Another person who should gain recognition is DMX who portrayed the character of Lattrell Walker as a troubled, downbeat character and did it with believabilty, not coming across as wooden or OTT as other rappers turned actors. Other actors who should get an honourable mention from the picture are Isiah Washington (a very strong supporting actor) , old action veteren Bill Duke and a very rogueish and actually funny pairing of Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson. Oh yeah, and Jill Hennessy for providing suitable eye candy!

Overall **** out of ***** (Welcome return to form for Seagal)


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I love Exit Wounds. I'm gonna buy it on videotape when i get a chance. I especially loved the ending while the credits are rollin & Tom Arnold & Anthony Anderson are crackin jokes. Remember the part when DMX & Anthony Anderson were runnin in the alley outside the club after Anthony had hit Isaiah Washington over the head with a stick cause Isaiah had his gun pointed at DMX? DMX jumped over the trash dumpster & Anthony tried to squeeze behind the dumpster & he couldn't squeeze through so he called DMX to pull him through hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Anthony said don't leave me dawg LOL. Isaiah Washington is a very good black actor & it's a shame he never gets the credit. Bill Duke is also a good black actor who never gets credit. Anthony Anderson is so funny. He cracks me up. He was very funny in 2 Can Play That Game & Barbershop movies. I think his tv show might've been canceled cause it hasn't been on in awhile.


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Exit Wounds is a terrific film. The cast was well chosen for their respective parts and all played very well. The action was intense and there was some humor thrown in there. It was also interesting to see a blend of Steven's realistic style with the more Hong Kong wire-work style.


---Exit Wounds---

My review: It´s a funny movie to watch with friends for example.
DMX was it? Is in the movie and that short fat guy is funny but I cannot remeber his
name. Anyway, the plot of Exit Wounds ain´t the best possible.

So the score would be

3½ of 5 if you compare it to other Seagal movies.​


It was Anthony Anderson ...

Interesting how he didn't have a main role, yet still was third highest paid on the set ... He was very funny, and if you take a look at "Cradle To The Grave" you'll see him play a similar character. I thought "Exit Wounds" was Steven Seagal's best since Under Siege.


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Fantastic Plot!

The plot and the acting was excellent! This was one of the very rare occasions that the plot, outline, and acting was better than the action in my opinion. I think Seagal should have coreographed the fight scenes because there was too much "wire-fu" which I didn't like. Exit Wounds is a film I can watch over and over again because of the acting and the great plot. The action scenes just give it some more spice.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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FU&D! Original Review - Exit Wounds - 3/4 guns

Seagal is back with a vengence in this stylish, no-holds action flick! It's been a couple of years since The Great One kicked ass and it's damn good to have him back! With a haircut from his Nico days and the kind of untamed aggression he hasn't displayed since Out for Justice, Seagal plays Orin Boyd, a Detroit cop with - what else? - a problem with authority and a penchant for extreme violence. Although the fact that Seagal is back again warrants 3 guns, I have to say that the best scene in this movie is right at the very beginning where Seagal single-handedly foils an assassination attempt on the Vice President.

Seagal going to anger management classes with Tom Arnold is a blast and leads to another classic scene: the take-down of the gangs trying to rip off his new truck. However, the story is contrived, DMX sucks cock, and some of the other fight scenes have already been seen elsewhere. The nightclub fight, for example, is very similar to the one in Romeo Must Die (also directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak) right down to the more obvious wire-work.

The plot, loosely a mix of Bad Boys (stolen heroin from police lock-up) and Cop Land (well-organised crooked cops), offers a background against which The Great One kicks ass, but not much more. It needs to be said, however, that Seagal is looking bad-ass again.

His age shows, but in this flick - as opposed to Fire Down Below - Seagal handles it much better: we don't doubt that he can execute the more acrobatic of his ass-kicking moves. For that, and for the relief of finally having Seagal back on the silver screen, this movie gets three locked, cocked and ready to rocked Colt 1911s.

:gun: :gun: :gun:

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Really loved this one..hell i love them all even if he does get killed in them..Ummm Jill hennessy was an top chick in this too..she is like me bad to the bone..


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If Seagal coreographed the fight scenes and they cut off those stupid Joel Silver wire-fu effects, this film could have over shadowed some of his earlier films in my opinion. The plot was better than the action, one of the rare things I saw of a Seagal film.


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exit wounds....a great movie
its great to see steven back to his best he was in it all...great acting...great support cast...great action....didnt he look hot on that bike
cant really fault to much only downer to me was the stunt double didnt look anything like him and u could really see when it was the stunt double.....that annoyed me...but apart from that pretty damn good movie...
8.5/10 nice to see steven back to his best


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I love the **** you and Die webpage by the way lol its bad ass its vintage Seagal all the way

Exit Wounds was a return to Steven Seagal showing pride in his work. HIs return to the big screen. Even though I didn't like the wire work I would have preferred Seagal choreography and realistic Aikido. Its good to see he lost weight, and looked very professional for this movie. It is an enjoyable watch but it falls behind his earlier movies none the less.


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Has anyone noticed in the bit where Seagal and DMX meet and fight for the first time, the music changes from rap crap to exactly the same music used in the first real fight sequence in Under Siege (the bit where Seagal takes out the mercenaries in the galley).


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Exit Wounds is probably one of my most watched Seagal films. I absolutely love this film!!


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