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Review: Marked For Death

Excuse me the what? cut version ? that not on how dare they do that its bad enough that we dont get all the things other fans get around the world and your telling me they 'cut' this movie.. with me its all of him in an movie or nothing..sick and tired of aussies getting shafted.. know what i mean..


Hard To Kill
Yeah I know what you mean. The UK and Australian DVD versions are missing the following...

- The fight in the department store between Seagal and the Jamaicans is missing an arm-break (3 secs).

- The night-time raid on Screwface's house in Jamaica, has lost another arm-break (6 secs). This occurs just before Seagal faces Screwface's twin brother.

- The end battle between Seagal and Screwface has been cut in two places firstly a close-up of Seagal gouging out Screwface's eyes is missing (3 secs) and then a few seconds later a vicious back-break (9 secs) after the two have crashed through the stone wall.

The US version is uncensored but not in anamorphic widescreen (it's in letterbox format which means on a widescreen tv you get black bars at the top, bottom and sides). The Dutch DVD version (which I had) is in anamorphic widescreen and is the best DVD version available. The blu ray from the US is by far the best version to have though due to the better picture and audio, being uncensored and being region free.
I think if us Aussies cant get his movies with all the bits in it then i cant be bothered watching them.. i keep hearing one day he will get to Australia ..one day ?? if he really wants the good thing then he should get his fanny into gear ...
Love the usage of the sledge hammer on the Jamaican gangsters. It is similar to the war clubs of the First Nation warriors of North America against their enemies in times of war and battle. Unlike the present day Widow's Peak Rug worn by Sensei, a high forehead toupee was employed in this role of which I think is overkill for his face. Seagal took some on screen body punches in this movie and that ought to suffice viewers who disapprove of Steven's invincible characters.
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