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I finally got "The Patriot" on DVD. I'm really happy because it's my favorite of Steven's movies. I live in Canada so my DVD is Region 1 but it's in Fullscreen and was released by Alliance Atlantis. At it says that "The Patriot" is available in Widescreen and that it was released by Disney (or Buena Vista - same thing). Is this true? Because I haven't been able to find the widescreen version anywhere. I'm happy though that I bought the Fullscreen version just in case I can never find the Widescreen one. If I ever do I'll just buy it again. My Fullscreen version only costed about $13.00 anyway so it was worth it.


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The widescreen version is distributed by Touchstone, which is a Disney company, I believe. You really do need to have this in widescreen, because for all of its faults, it really is beautifully shot.


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Well, I just checked mine, and it's the Touchstone, widescreen version...Oh good...
I definately need to watch that one again, I really liked it...He's so utterly charming, compassionte and handsome in it, and right, it was really beautiful scenery with the flowers and all the wide open spaces...I could be wrong, but I think Steven definately had his fingers in that project an awful lot, and I'm very proud of him, as always.....:)


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Not Bad.

The Patriot was a fairley good movie. The plot I thought was kind of silly yet it kept you in suspense. The cinematogrpahy was just beautiful. A more calmer and gentlier Seagal type of movie. I thought it needed a little more action scenes because there was just too little.

My rating:

3.5 out of 5 stars.


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a pretty good movie i was impressed i have always always liked the movie...not so much for the there wasnt any..but the story line...has always intersted me...the whole disease spreading out....seagal did such a good part and shows his love for his daughter cute was the daughter she was adorable... i really liked the movie...great story...great actors....great movie! and it just goes to show seagal doesnt have to always be in full out action movies....he can act!!



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thats i re watch the movies....i will review them here.

my goal is to get every movie he does on dvd! currently working on it ;)

oh and i never really heard much bad stuff about this movie


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Pictures of photos THE PATRIOT :)


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I bought this movie on VHS before I got my DVD player I really loved this movie because it shows the audience his human side. It shows you can have a movie that has drama and a serious story line and that the happy ending came not from fighting and killing alot of people but from using your brain to find a cure . I thought there was just enough action and fighting to stomp out the ignorant, egotistical, self righteous jerk Floyd . It also showed his supporters questioning the motives he had. I thought it did bring to life some of the questionable things governments do in the name of war and how easy it would be for something to go wrong when you play with Bio warfare. In all I loved this movie ,It had a great story line ,it was well made , the scenic views of Montana were awesome, and all of the actors were great,and the action scenes were well done.


The one thing i like about Steven Seagal's movie "The Patriot" is the native american element. It's cool to see native americans helping out the dominant society of Ennis, Montana residents with their sickness from exposure to the bio-chemical agent leak. Plus, Steven Seagal brings humor, romance, family, and compassion forth throughout this whole movie. All the theatrical requirements to make a picture that will stand the test of time despite anti-Steven Seagal bigwigs in Hollywood


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I watched this a few weeks ago on dvd with my girlrfriend as something different, it's not bad overall at all, but the ending is super rushed and my girlfriend laughed at it. The helicopter just flies over and drops flowers randomly and a voice over keeps going "the flowers will help you" haha, it is a bit lame I guess. At least Seagal's interested, showing all range of emotions and does some good kills here and there.