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Under Siege = Great Film. This film has everything an action film needs, shooting, hand to hand fighting, humour, and porn star letting her puppies out! Great!
under siege is the best movie of seagal ,exellent fight scenes it has some humor in it ,but i a specially loved it when they found out that casey whas not just a simple cook :ryback is an ex-seal ..that damn cook is a seal.. shut up and listen in martial arts ..explosives weapons and tactics,god i loved it when they found out who they were dealing with .


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Yeah, Under Siege1 is the best...good plot :) and good actors and stuff.
Good for a action movie!
4/5 points!!


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Under Siege=ACTION!

Wow what can I say about this film. I love it, I love the plot, the acting, everything! I wanted to see a little more Aikido and hand to hand fight scenes but the action was great. This movie is a cult classic which I truley love! Under Siege should be on every Seagal fans Top 5 list!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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FU&D! Original Review - Under Siege - 4/4 guns

Under Siege is still Seagal's biggest box-office success to date, and there's no denying that Seagal plays ex-SEAL Casey Ryback with conviction. In fact, I think he should do more movies in real military settings, as he really comes across as quite a soldier...although one with a problem with authority.

The premise for the movie is basically Die Hard on a battleship, and it's a great premise. Not only because of Seagal's menacing personality but also due to Tommy Lee Jones' and Gary Busey's excellent performances. This is the first Seagal movie where gun-play heavily outweighs hand-to-hand combat, but it works, because it seems natural that when facing a terrorist with a H&K MP5K, you don't resort to your fists (although Seagal does take out two heavily armed terrorist bare-handed...Hero that he is).

The best part, however, has to be the knife fight at the end of the movie. I know Jones used a stunt-double for most of the takes, but that's really Seagal parrying blows, and slicing terrorists at the speed of light.

For the first time, a Seagal movie feels like an A film for the rest of the population (not just us), and Andrew Davis direction is so slick I don't see how anyone can not like this movie. Under Siege gets a well-deserved four guns!

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Yes it was ok....i wonder how many more that they are going to make in the "under seige" saga..after "submerged"..i hope that they dont over kill it in other words like some movies were they have several sagas it just doesnt cut the mustard after awhile
but having said that iam sure under seige movies will continue to thrill and chill us ...


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I know it is a great film but I think it is kind of over rated when it comes to films such as Marked For Death, Above The Law, Out For Justice, and Hard To Kill..


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under of the best movies out there....its almost a perfect movie...although no movie is perfect...
it has GREAT support cast...the bad guys are excellent tommy lee jones makes a great bad guy....only john travolta can make you hate a bad guy so much..(i like john travolta he's a great actor)
there's nothing i can fault in this movie...its all great...i have nothing bad to say about it...steven looks in shape....its just a great movie
i rate it a 9.8 out of 10 hehehehe
theres's only a few movies i'd rate higher then this one


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I really liked Under Siege. I thought it was a really fun movie, and although some of it was just plain unbelievable, it was still a pretty good action movie. Probably the best film Steven's ever starred in.

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Well it wasn't too much out there,considering terrorists incidents of our actual world :( Now the train wreck at the end of Under Siege two..was "way out there"


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I just have doubts as to whether or not a captain would really o.k. a helicopter landing like that. Also, you mean to tell me that out of an entire crew on a Navy ship, the cook is the only guy who can take on the bad guys?

All the same, it's still a really fun movie to watch.
Under Siege is simply Seagal's best movie. Great director Andrew Davis, high productin values and great actors in other roles are the reason, why it so good was. There are many aikido fights, brilliant plot etc. Very good was also Tommy Lee Jones as the bad guy. I am happy to say that it deserves high rating. For me 9.9/10.