Robocop - Dark Justice


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I was in lunch time and got on cable a movie called Robocop - Dark Justice.
Only watched 30 min of it, it shows an old Robocop but it's a movie, not series, I didn't know about that movie and went to amazon after that and guess what ?? it's kind of a series of 3 movies, apparently the series is called Prime Directives...
So, has anyone seen them ?? and what's your opinion ???





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Aren't they based on the tv series? The series was poor but the original Robocop was great,groundbreaking.Actually the violence where Murphy is shot dead is a bit much.


I remember original as good - that's all.

I haven't seen these movies, or have I? I can't quite recall. I remember watching Robocop as a kid, and I agree with you Storm. The originals were good, but the TV Series made me tired of it. There used to be a lot of Robocop playing here on cable a few years back - not anymore.

Amos Stevens

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Yep I stumbled across 2 of them at the video store-not the same as the original movie,but "ok" just to say I watched them all,I'm watching for the 3rd in the new series of movies