Rocky V is Racist

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
After hearing and viewing the racist dialog in a scene with Tony Burton concerning "Native American Tribal Peoples" viewed and spoken of in a negative and racist manner by Tony Burton's character as 'Paulie'. It was very upsetting to me to realize that Sylvester Stallone would use this type of dialog in one of his films to either get a reaction from native american tribal peoples or just express his hatred of native american tribal peoples in Rocky V and possibly in reality? Didn't make any logical nor humane sense to add this nor was it necessary in Rocky V movie by Stallone :mad: :cussing: :gun: :wazzup::confused::eek:
I bless and thank God that Steven Seagal doesn't allow for his characters in his films to spread racist and ethnic cleansing mannerisms and behaviors