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Seagal Funny Faces.


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Ohhh yes girl you know me to well...even though theres an chick with him thats cool ....who is she Suzi?..she is lovely..
She is Tammy Townsend and they are in A Tribute to Ray Charles Hosted by Morehouse College 2004..

heeeee yes she is cool Steven knows which girl is better !!!:D
Yes he does Suzi?....Whoops thanks for telling me who she is Suzi...and Steven you would be absolutely lost with out an "sheila" like our Suzi..she is tops..
I have to say Suzi you come up some good ones girl...gave me an laugh...any more girl..P.S. By the waySuzi iam sooooo glad he wont see how we are stirring him up ...
I worked in the film business for many years, and know the tough schedules of getting up early in the morning and long, long days going on late into the night, no wonder he's tired! Steven obviously hasn't got the energy he used to have!!

In your mind you think you are still 20 , and can still do the things you did at time in your life. But in reality you're not!

This comes, unfortunately with age, and I know how he feels!

Yours in the Dharma,
hmmmmmmm, in that case how old are you zenswim???
i do not think that you are too old....
any way you may not answer it ...o.k
have a good day