Seagal talks about Brandon Lee's death


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Thanks Mike - ain't seen that before.

I was gutted when he died - Rapid Fire is one of my favourite martial arts movies. He was in talks to do a sequel to it just before his death.
I think he would have become the next great martial arts actor. Its so surreal how it all turned out in his final movie-The Crow.


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he is gone to soon indeed, it's a shame about what happend to him...

Nassau Mike thank you for the video, I had never seen that video before! Thank you for sharing! :)

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Nassau Mike;176671 said:

Steven Seagal was also at a memorial service for Brandon Lee/brandon_lee.htm

Brandon’s body was flown back to Washington State, and on April 3rd, he was buried next to his father Bruce.

On the 4th, there was a memorial service at Brandon’s backgammon partner Polly Bergen’s home, in Beverly Hills. Over 300 people attended including Steven Seagal, David Carradine, Kiefer Sutherland and Brandon’s family and friends.
Interesting and sad stuff on the next up and coming action star. Gone too soon.
Yes, I knew that Seagal was at his memorial service.