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Seagal's movies rated by IMBD folks


Disposition Seagal
According to IMDB.com:

Steven Seagal
Actor - filmography (sorted on weighted rating)

(6.29) - Executive Decision (1996)
(6.19) - Under Siege (1992)
(5.29) - Exit Wounds (2001)
(5.19) - Above the Law (1988)
(4.98) - My Giant (1998)
(4.90) - Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)
(4.89) - Out for Justice (1991)
(4.89) - Marked for Death (1990)
(4.79) - Hard to Kill (1990)
(4.79) - Glimmer Man, The (1996)
(4.32) - Belly of the Beast (2003)
(4.30) - Fire Down Below (1997)
(4.11) - Patriot, The (1998/I)
(3.92) - Half Past Dead (2002)
(3.67) - Out of Reach (2004/I)
(3.51) - On Deadly Ground (1994)
(3.34) - Ticker (2001)
(3.28) - Foreigner, The (2003)
(3.11) - Out for a Kill (2003)

I cut some things out that weren't actual movies. I'm surprised at the location of Executive Decision and My Giant. Also, this rating system is out of 10. So, if we believe that 5 is an okay movie than this list seems insulting. I think a lot of these lower rated movies deserve a 6 or better. A movie has to have a 7.9 or better to appear on a top 100 list. Furthermore, any movie rated below 3.5 is on the top 100 worst movies ever.


I too am surprised that Executive Decision would be at the top the list. :confused:
But I do agree with where Out for a Kill fits in. :D

Thanks for the list, ZenLateralus. :)


Steven Seagal Fan
Thank you Zen for putting that here. I for one don't agree with this list the way it is. How can FDB and ODG be so far down. I just can't agree with all these list from IMDB.
Executive Decision was a great role for him! But wasn't he in that the least of all the others? I didn't see My Giant, The Patroit,Ticker or The Foreigner!
I like to be the judge of what I like to see! I don't usually listen to critics!