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Music Songs from the Crystal Cave CD - Released in May


Out For Justice Fan
According to the French version of Amazon, Steven Seagal's CD, Songs from the Crystal Cave will be released on 19th of May.

See http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0001M4DQO/

It is being released in France, but Amazon will ship anywhere in the world.

More information here, if you understand French


I don't want anyone to get jealous, but I have a preview copy, which arrived a few moments ago - I haven't listened to it yet...

The tracks are:

Girl it's Alright (Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 3:50
Don't you cry (Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 4:58
Music (Steven Seagal & Patrick George Barrett) - 4:13
Better Man (Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 4:29
Route (Steven Seagal) - 4:31
My God (Steven Seagal) - 3:57 - includes Stevie Wonder Harmonica Solo
Lollipop, featuring Lt Stitchie (Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 4:34
Not For Sale (Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 4:56
Dance (Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 3:32
Jealousy, featuring Lady Saw (Steven Seagal, Marion Hall) 4:21
War, featuring Lt Stitchie (Steven Seagal, Cleve Laing) 3:46
Strut, featuring Lady Saw (Steven Seagal) 3:05
Goree (Steven Seagal) 5:59
The Light (Steven Seagal) 4:54

I'm just taking the shrinkwrap off now...


Thanks, Richie--you lucky guy! :) Please let us know what you think. If it's actually Steven singing on these songs, I'll probably go ahead and take the chance of ordering this. I'll wait for your feedback first, though, to make sure he is singing.


Staff member
Thank you Ricchie !! I will order !!

that is Great !!

I didn't know French !! Help meeeeeeeeeee for order pleaseeeeeeeee !!

in onenesss


I Belong To Steven
OMG, Thanks, Ritchie! I can't believe it!
Maybe this is what he's been up to, eh?
I am so happy to hear this news!
I regret not getting the one on ebay now though, as it was probably legitimate...
I hope this is!
This is great news, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Well, Leon, I don't know why the French release either, but he was married to Kelly who was at least half French, so I imagine they both have a lot of French fans...
He is a very well known, very international man....:)


I Belong To Steven
OMG, suziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that the artwork?
God he is toooooo GORGEOUS!
I just LOVE seeing him with that guitar, that photo is great!
And what a profound statement that is, and very true too, music is a language that everyone understands....:)
However, the word "maybe" there should actually be two words...
Does this mean this is all a hoax?
If it is I am going to be so dissapointed...:(

Steven, you rock! I love you!
I can't wait for this if it's true...:)


I Belong To Steven
Well, could be, I can't understand the page good enough, I translated it, and the crystal cave translates to hollow hook, that's kind of funny...:D Let me try to order, huh? I cannot get it fast enough for me! :D


Staff member
justice808 said:
I wonder why it's just being released in France?!I didn't realise the Frech were that big a fan of Seagal's music :D
He released in France, because he is very strange, amazing big guy !! :D
who knows why ?? He is Steven Seagal :D


I Belong To Steven
I pre ordered suzi! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
But shipping is very expensive!
More than the CD itself, because I got express shipping!
And I did this from the French page , don't ask how...
Because I don't know!
But I am happy! :D

tell me how you did ??


I Belong To Steven
Right, Serena! :D
I don't care how much it costs!
I am sooooooo excited!
Boy, I have lost my French skills, little that
I had, but at least I managed to order it, huh? :D
You know what they say, where there is a will, there is a way...


Disposition Seagal
I'm excited to get this though the price is kinda scarry for something that I've only heard one song on. Hopefully America will get it some day... I just emailed the american amazon.com site.