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Stallone says Seagal backed down from Van Damme's challenge

Discussion in 'General' started by Desslar, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Desslar

    Desslar New Member

    Sylvester Stallone has been answering fan questions for the past few weeks on AintItCoolNews, and he had this to say about a Seagal/Van Damme confrontation:


    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Havent you ever heard this expression 'it takes an bigger man to walk away from an fight'..he did the right thing plus van damme is full of hot air...wouldnt take much to deflate him..
  3. Hatch76

    Hatch76 New Member

    Would that be the same Van damme that Dolph Lundren knocked on his ass in a bar when they were making universal soldier the mans a **** and seagal would kick his ass that said I agree it takes a bigger man to walk away and steven did the right thing!!!!

    Merry xmas y'all
  4. Heroic

    Heroic New Member

    whatever, i think that seagal is a much higher level in martial arts techniques than van damme, but van damme is definitely in better shape for such confrontations.
    All in all, both are stupid when they confront each other like a couple of monkeys "Hey, i can kick your ass", "no, i can kick YOUR ass", "no, your ass", "Your ass", "your ass"....

    But i didn't know what happened before, so, whatever...
  5. mindisamirror

    mindisamirror Member

    Not that it's impossible or anything, but I've got trouble believing this story for the simple reason that it doesn't fit with what I've heard about Van Damme.

    Van Damme is known for backing down from challenges. He backed down when Don Wilson ("The Dragon") challenged him to a match. He backed down when some random Australian journalist challenged him to a fist fight. He backed down from Uwe Boll's boxing challenge.

    I just can't imagine Van Damme actually challenging somebody to a real fight, particularly somebody with an advantage in height and weight.
  6. Mama San

    Mama San Administrator

    If, and that's a very big if, this did happen it would be
    extremely rude to challenge someone in another persons home.
    How tacky can one get? But with Van Damme that doesn't surprise
    me. He was probably drunk as a skunk or higher than a kite. I understand
    he does both. Steven has never been arrested for public intoxication or trying to start fights inside and/or outside of the many bars that Van Damme frequents. Van Damme is a blow-hard and always has been. Why would Steven bother with a drunk any way? He would just simply try to avoid him.
    Steven would not ever try to take advantage of a person in such
    a condition. I have no doubt that Steven could take Van Damme
    but why would he lower himself to that level? It doesn't make any sense.
    As for the so-called "statement"? Take it with a grain of salt and then
    forget it.
    God bless,
    Mama san
  7. SweetChinMusic

    SweetChinMusic big gulps huh

    I applaud Van Damme, Seagal always bad mouthed him on tv and in the press and he was also a known bully. I wish I were there to see Seagal get scared like a little girl and run off. I don't know why this surprised people, it's been typical Seagal behavior for a long time and it's why he has few friends in the business.
  8. Mama San

    Mama San Administrator

    You applaud a known drunk and a drug addict?
    Van Damme needs help not applause.
    I would like to see this so-called interview with
    Seagal bad-mouthing Van Damme. Because unless
    I see/hear it come directly out of Steven's mouth
    then there is no truth to it. I'm really not one for
    hear-say. I wouldn't trust the word of a reporter
    any farther than I could throw him/her. Since I'm
    past 65, I doubt I could pick anyone up let alone
    throw them.:D
    God bless,
    Mama san
  9. SweetChinMusic

    SweetChinMusic big gulps huh

    yeah I applaud anyone who stands up to bullies, don't you?

    I can remember quite a few on screen interviews where he didn't have many nice things to say. Try Arsenio, Try Chris Gamble Try ET just off the top of my head.
  10. hofmae

    hofmae New Member

    This story is crap. Can't believe that. But Seagal would definitely win the competition :)
  11. SweetChinMusic

    SweetChinMusic big gulps huh

    why would Stallone lie? What would he benefit from it?

    But since Aikido is a worthless martial art (sorry guys but it is), and Seagal has never been in great shape I can't see him winning...against anyone in great shape.
  12. aikidoboynj

    aikidoboynj "Lookin fit Nelson"

    In 1997 Seagal was in horrible Shape, he wouldn't be able to compete with Van Damme unless Van Damme got sloppy or Seagal just managed to grab a hold of him...

    Van Damme may have been on coke at the time and could have been amped up...

    But him and Seagal issued those threats to each other back in the early 90s?! Seagal aged tremedously over the years, don't forget he is atleast 10 years older that van damme isn't he?

    Just think its a little strange that it took all that time before they, or Van Damme decided to settle the score...

    But again I don't know why Stallone would lie about it unless to get back at Seagal for that cheap shot Seagal dished out about him doing another Rocky....Which by the way is getting more critical acclaim than anything Stallone has received since the original.
  13. Le-Martin

    Le-Martin New Member

    Seagal used to have a HUGE talent for making people angry. I remember interviews in which he called most other action stars as useless when compared to him. He didn’t name names, but the references were pretty obvious.

    Van Damme was right to stand up to Seagal.

    SEAGAL WAS (don’t know if he still is) A GREAT MARTIAL ARTIST. He has tremendous skill.

    BUT, don’t ever call Van Damme a blow-hard or something like that. The man has real martial arts skills and has one of the most powerful kicks. He always was in super fit shape, unlike Seagal who was fat BEFORE Exit Wounds and got HUGELY FAT afterwards. Granted, aikido does NOT rely on physical strength, but against a tip-top shape, steaming mad Van Damme, Seagal COULD HAVE REALISTICALLY LOST[/]b.

    Also, Van Damme and Lundgren NEVER fought. There was only a publicity stunt done in front of the theatre for the premiere of Universal Soldier, a fake fight.

    Also Van Damme has had the courage to face his drug addiction and BEAT IT. HE IS CLEAN NOW, something that was confirmed by a lot of people while he was here in Romania.

    Seagal was mentioned for two things here in Romania, his really generous charity work and his HUGE appetite (there are many reports in the press of him going to restaurants and chomping down large quantities of food).

    I respect Van Damme for how he has had the courage to get out of a disaster of a marriage (which is what led him to drug abuse), rebuild his family life and get his career and life back on track.

    I respect Seagal for his skills, his charity work, his music and his charisma and views about ecological matters.

    BUT, please understand that Seagal has a huge ego, he was often calling Van Damme a Belgian waffle in interviews, Chuck Norris a nobody and Stallone and Arnold as all muscles and no skill. Sorry, that was rude and when Van Damme stood up to him (something he confirmed to have done, but would not give more details out of respect for Stallone and Seagal and because he grew up, matured and is beyond name calling) he was right to do so, bullies should get their asses kicked and that was what would have happened to Seagal if he would have fought Van Damme.

    I love most action stars and will no stand to hear anyone bash them around because they are so blind to not see the faults of their favorite actor.

    I think I might have to leave this forum, nobody here has enough courage to admit the truth and people are too BLIND and CLOSED MINDED.

    And always keep in mind that I am a fan of Seagal, a real fan, unlike many on this forum who are blind worshipers.

    P.S. In actuality, both Seagal and Van Damme were acting like horny teenagers trying to prove who is coolest. I KNOW for a fact that Van Damme has matured since then, Seagal I believe he also has done the same, unfortunately he never does interviews anymore…or good movies.
  14. Dmoj

    Dmoj Member

    It was in an interview for Blackbelt magazine that Van Damme said he went up to Seagal and called him out(around the time he made Knock Off). He didn't say where but said basically that he was pissed off about what Seagal had said in the past about him and that he wanted to sparr with him if he thought he was a fake. He really didn't say anything bad against Seagal and said he actually invited himself to Seagal's movie premier's and said that they(meaning all Martial Arts movie actors) should support each other instead of slinging mud to keep the genre alive. I have always been a big Seagal fan but I am not going to lie to myself about him being a really good person in real life. I have met many people who have met him and only 1 has had nice things to say about him(an Aikido guy who lives where Undersige was filmed). I respect him for what he has done but it is a shame to see him let himself go the way he has.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Dont forget Mama san Van Damme is also an woman beater so an guy that bashes an woman is just some thing on the bottom of ones shoe...i see all the seagal bashers are at it again what an surprise...if people here are so far up Van Dammes butt why dont they join his site and be them selves there not come here and compare him to STEVEN SEAGAL..because there aint no competition...steven would sweep the floor with him..
  16. lotuseyes

    lotuseyes New Member

    You go Heather girl!!! I totally agree.....men who beat women are scum and are lower than low life and deserve wot they got comin to them....so those who like men like THAT go and lick his butt on his site.....:gun:
  17. supertom

    supertom Disgruntled fan!

    From what I've read over the years, Seagal was always the first instigator in the Seagal/Van Damme rivalry, because of things he said in the press. Call it arrogance (which really every big star needs to succeed) but that's what it was. This was the time JC was having drug problems, so that's probably why he wanted the fight. Seagal backed down because the publicity from doing such a thing woul have been bad for him, win or lose apart from any other reasons. Plus many have always felt that Aikido is all very well and good, but not as useful against other martial arts, especially from a black belt like Van Damme. Seagal's tough, but I bet he's never faced anyone as tough as Van Damme, at least not in 97 in his late 40's, and overweight. I wouldn't call it cowardly, but seriously backing out of a fight when you know you could get injured is sensible, especially as he was probably shooting a movie. Still I think he learned not to blow hot air in the press about Van Damme after that. And as for the Dolph/Van Damme rumpus, the only fight they had (well a shoving match in Cannes) was simply for publicity, otherwise they always got on pretty well. They had a rivalry physcially, trying look more pumped than the other, but that was it. Dolph's never had a big ego so he never clashed with JC, who early in his career had a notorious ego.
  18. supertom

    supertom Disgruntled fan!

    Van Damme has turned his life around since those days. Drink and drugs always lead to diabolical behaviour, and he's stopped the drugs and the excessive drinking. The Van Damme of now is far calmer than the one 10 years ago. And I'm sure Seagal himself has changed for the better. I'm sure he's not quite the perve he was circa Under Siege 2, Jenny McCarthy audition time. Actually both guys seem to have far less ego problems than they did ten years ago, maybe if John Legeuizamo saw Steven again, he may change his opinion of the big guy. All I'm saying is people can change. And after all JC's current wife, Gladys, a bodybuilder probably wouldn't take ay crap from the guy if he ever lifted his hands in anger again. Those closest to VD have said that he's matured a lot.

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    I have had my say about this matter and i dont care to comment any further or i might blow an fuse..
  20. Le-Martin

    Le-Martin New Member

    OK, let me clear this up, Van Damme was in a bad bad marriage to his former wife. A REALLY BAD marriage. That marriage was the reason for him getting into drugs and being acused of hitting his wife, which may have actually never happened.

    SINCE THEN, he's gotten a divorce, stopped using drugs, got his family together, got his career together and he is on the good path.

    And he has indeed tremendous martial arts skills. THERE IS NO DOUBT about that.

    His recent movies have all been above average, some being really, really good, with the exception of Derailed, which he admited to doing only for the money.

    I'm not bashing Seagal, but ten years ago, Steven had a huge ego, much like every other martial artist out there. The only problem was that Steven used to say a lot of bad things about some really talented people.

    SINCE THEN, I'm sure Steven has changed.

    I love Steven, his earlier movies are really, really good. His recent movies have been sadly dissapointing. His career is going downhill fast.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Steven's, but like a real friend should do, I just can't support the recent trend in Steven's life, getting fatter and making bad movies with bad producers and bad people.

    Dolph, Chuck, Arnold, Jean Claude, Arnold, Bruce and Sylvester have all had bad periods in their life and they have all made comebacks, tremendous ones. And I love them all.

    All I'm saying is that I am not blind. If I can't say what I think is true, then there is no point in saying anything at all. I can see that Steven is in a bad place, at least regarding his career. And I don't like the way it's going. SIMPLE, CLEAR and TRUE.

    About the fight, yeah, Steven had a bad mouth and Van Damme was right in standing up to him. SHOULD THEY HAVE FOUGHT? NO! They were acting like teenagers, BOTH OF THEM.

    That part of their lives is over, I believe.

    Steven was a great martial artist. But to call him THE BEST out of all of them is...too much. There are people out there who are just as good if not better than Steven. And I'm not talking only about Van Damme. Look at Jet Li, Norris, Tony Jaa, etc, etc.

    People here are really closed minded... Unbelievable.

    To say that Dolph or Van Damme are making worse movies that Steven has been making lately is pure arrogance and ignorance on the part of some peoiple.

    Steven may come back with his next movies, but after Attack Force, I won't believe anythng until I see it.
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