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Steve Irwin

Yep thats right hofmae and i think its been televised live through out the world as it should be America, Asia, and Europe i think...I should be going to school that day but iam going to be what i call 'pulling an sickie' that day...iam sure alot will ...yesterday there was an line up to get tickets for his memorial and an 10 year old boy missed out so an complete stranger gave him his ticket thats aussies for you..i will have an box of tissues on hand that day..one of great country singers by the name of John Williams is going to be singing an song called 'True Blue' its an tear jerker...thanks for posting the link hofmae your an 'true sport'..
Do you know what time the Public Ceremony is on t.v., can't seem to find it anywhere in the paper? If someone could let me know, it will be down tools, the housework can wait! Stevo's more important, bless his soul, we know you're protecting you're crocs' in the sky!
I had an quick check suzyr and its going to be starting about 9am Tuesday..buggar that means i do have to go to school Wednesday (i thought it was then) i dont go to school Tuesday ..geez just when i thought i could slip an 'sickie'...
I saw the memorial day yesterday and it was very well done not an dry eye iam so proud of Bindi handled it like an real Irwin iam sure her dad would have been so proud of her...they left an seat where Steve normally sits with his family during shows..nice touch..i like the poem that was read out it was called 'The crocodiles are crying'...i hope others here saw it i would love to hear what you thought of it?..
I could not watch it on TV ,but the Courier Mail had 8 Videos from the ceremony for downloading.Now i have them and i had to cry too.Bindi was wonderful and you are right Heather,Steve would have been proud of her.I hear her words in my mind!
Now i hope that Bindi will make her way as her father and can do a lot for the Australia Zoo and the animals.
If i should write in german i could say more,but it is a little bit to difficult for me.