Steven Seagal at Romania !!


I dont know whats so funny he i was thinking Steven loved animals and i thought he would be the last person on this earth that would actullay wear real animal fur..iam quiet no VERY disappointed in him and i guess that goes for her too whats money compered to what the animal had to give up iam pissed off...

Cheryl D.

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Hi there

I agree. He stands on a soap box and preaches about cruelty to animals and then does this. Why did he not rather take the cash equivalent and donate it to some shelter.

Another thing that is worrying me - if he is a vegetarian why is he overweight. Perhaps it the mixers with the booze.

He has dropped mightily in my eyes. My idol definitely has feet of clay.


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:( Not what I expected from him.

I'm with you both Heather and Cheryl D. He's gone down in my estimations too. :(
Hypocrasy always annoys me and it surely goes against Buddhist beliefs unless I don't understand that but I've never seen a monk in a mink!

Oh and Cheryl I've been a veggie for many years and I'm still overweight, if only they made chocolate from meat I could give it up! :indiffere