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Steven Seagal Interviews

Just another reason why i love steven seagal because he isnt afraid of showing his compassion wether its for humans or animals ..thank you steven for caring for some 4 legged people ...


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That was a good interview, in a sense that it really shows what kind of a person Seagal is. That mostly showcases his ego, insecurities and delusions.

There was nothing really wrong about the question about the violence in On Deadly Ground, but Seagal immediately gets defensive and angry.

Does he really see himself as a real life superhero who goes around chasing bad guys with machine guns? He only does that stuff when there are cameras rolling and they're filming the reality show.

I also find it funny that first he brags about being a tough guy in real life, and when asked about what movies he's proud of he plays the "buddhist card" and says he doesn't use the word pride. OK...

He always does that. In one recent interview he said something negative about someone and then immediately went all "I'm just a single country boy".

He also claims that he used to have a ripped body, when we all know he did not. He was lean and skinny but never muscular.

The guy asks him about DTV movies and Seagal says movies should be about love and war, WTF? :confused:
"but Seagal immediately gets defensive and angry"
Only for this point ONLY I must "protect" Seagal. When you are not accepted and tolerated by the masses, critics - by staying being yourself - especially in Hollywood it is no wonder that he gets defensive. Hollywood wants to produce a fake image - a dream image. Remember the old slogan - Hollywood = Dream Factory?

I will tell you one personal example. My interests and views are not the "general standard" and mostly I am attacked for being having another opinion. Especially online. Sometimes also in real life. What do you think I do?
Most of the time I don't care, but sometimes the zero respect is so intense I get defensive and angry, because the people do not want to listen, that "lies" are not the correct way. There is no balance. Imagine you create a product and the reaction is almost negative, because you are you!

Having another opinion is no problem for me - on the contrary I respect that deeply, but if you literally axed down by everything, there are only a few ways. Even a buddhist can get angry, even if the teachings are saying that this can be wrong. Remember Buddha was a human like us before.

My personal theory is that Seagal is just pissed, because he wantes to save the enviroment and when he released ON DEADLY GROUND, America was and is in many instances still not being convinced, that we are all part of nature. Look how many people still believe they can waste ressources by driving uber-dimensional cars instead of being using a bicycle.
"The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in his control and not the other way around" - Dr. Ishiro Serizawa = Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA descripes this perfectly. And I think that this ignorance is one major cause for Steven's anger. We have only this world so far and we destroy it without thinking. This is just for ON DEADLY GROUND and his behaviour towards nature.

Sure Seagal has some traits I also do not like very much, but on the other hand there are still facts on his person, that keeps me being a fan. I could provide more insight on myself, but I believe that this is not helping in this discussion.

Whatever you may now think, I am still open for discussion because this forum was and is still an awesome place!


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TOUGH guy movie star Steven Seagal says he’s ready to return to the venue where female Scots fans threw their knickers at him.

The Hollywood movie superstar is back on the road with his blues band and is lined up to play a gig at The Ferry in Glasgow.

Seagal, 62, last played the venue in 2007 and received a surprise underwear attack.

He said: “Panties were thrown on stage. That was OK. If the girls want to throw their panties, that’s fine. I’m honoured and grateful that the fine women of Glasgow would want to thrown their panties at me.

“As long as they’re not triple X porno panties or anything too exotic, I can handle it.

“I’m heading back to Scotland because I love the people. I’m not coming for the money, that’s for sure.”

The martial arts maestro says he gets a kick out of playing intimate venues like The Ferry.

He said: “It’s a really small place and you get a lot of close interaction with the crowd.

“I’m not doing this tour for the adulation. I’m trying to get close to those good people out there who like rocking to the blues – and there are lots of people in Scotland who fall into that category.

“I’m a country boy and have always related to honest and decent people. That’s why I’m coming to Scotland. I’ll be sharing the love.”

Seagal, star of action movies like Under Siege, also reckons he’s got some Scottish ancestry.

He said: “I love the music of Scotland and have it in my soul. I have some Scottish blood when you look back far enough.

“Believe it or not, but I’m a one million per cent direct descendant of William the Conqueror. Although he’s kinda English and a Viking, I have a bit wrapped up with the Scottish, too.”

Seagal says he enjoyed a crash course in whisky at Glasgow’s Pot Still pub in 2007.

He added: “I love the stuff. I wouldn’t say I’m a big drinker but Scotch whisky is special stuff.

“We went along to a pub in Glasgow. A guy told me all about the history of whisky and we tried a few different kinds. It was a lot of fun, we’ll maybe do it again.

“I also bought a kilt but wasn’t confident about parading in public with it on. I wasn’t sure if girls would attack me or run away.”

Steven Seagal’s Blues Band play The Ferry, Glasgow, next Thursday at 8pm.
Source : http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entert...rviews/movie-star-steven-seagal-tells-3846566

So now he is also a descendant of William the Conqueror. :D
He must have some family tree...

Not a great interview, but it looks like he is already making a movie now!

Maybe with Waxman since he is in Romania now too? @DiDa do you know more?
Would like to find out what movie he is currently filming in Bucharest.... Never mind, just saw on another thread it's KILLING SALAZAR. Good news - and I personally like the Eastern European locations, even though I understand others do not, or are tired of them. Would like to see one of Seagal's newer films set in SE Asia, though.
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