Movies Steven Seagal Is To 'Rescue' 'The Yakuza'

[Tue November 26, 2002 08:45PM]

Steven Seagal has just closed deals to star in a remake of the 1975 thriller "The Yakuza," and as a former Vietnam veteran in "The Rescue." Seagal will be paid $4 million for each film, reports Variety.

"The Yakuza" was originally scripted by Paul Schrader and Robert Towne and directed by Sydney Pollack. It starred Robert Mitchum and merged Japanese lore with the saga of gangsters kidnapping the daughter of an L.A. shipping magnate.

In "The Rescue," Seagal will play a former Vietnam vet who begins exchanging letters with an orphan in Eastern Europe that he's helping out financially. When the letters cease, he heads to Europe to find out what happened to the child.

Both projects are set up at Warner Bros.-based Franchise Pictures.

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Absolutely wonderful!! I love it!!!
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Well, Mr. Seagal have a lot to do now.....busy man! :)

"The Rescue" sounds very intresting.....a little softer movie that I think will suit Steven well.



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Wow, very, very exciting! How many movies is he currently making, anyway? That man must have energy to spare! :D

Casey, I have the same problem, I can't view the site with compuserve/aol...I am on IE now, too...

No Biggie, I guess....

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That is really good news. It is really great that he is making
so many films, even if some go straight to video at least
we get a chance to see him.

O I guess I forgot to mention this is Aggie, I finally broke down
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Welcome Aggie. Do you remember me from the old place? (Yes i know i'm not always Mr. Nice!)

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Hi to all , thanks for the welcome. Weather definitely better
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