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Interview from Venice with Seagal


Steven Seagal: "my dream is to make a movie with benigni"
"Spy" publishes exclusive interview to action film actor

Steven Seagal, martial arts legend and action film icon, presented his new film "attrition" in Venice. Spy in booth this week published the exclusive interview in which the actor reveals his secret dreams: " The Greatest Masters I loved, unfortunately there are no more among those who live, I really love Roberto Benigni, that would be good Day to work together ".

At the weekly, seagal talked about his new movie, " this time I play a soldier who ended up doing terrible things and is looking for God's forgiveness. Despite him, he is forced to become a kind of killer in search of justice when a girl is abducted ".
And speaking of films, he stresses: " I choose my films on the values they carry and the problems they face. Attrition is honor, dignity, dedication to the cause, but also the will to end trafficking in human beings, and of course, the pride of martial arts. This is the best movie I've ever done. I've seen so many beautiful people involved and so much money! " "

The actor tells the greatest life lesson he learned from his younger age: " I was a dynamic kid, no doubt, and I practice from martial arts and I never stopped practicing." Martial Arts are my life, my karma. They taught me the greatest lesson in my life: the more exercise we do, the more we learn. It's the only way to improve as an artist, athlete, but especially as a human being ".