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Steven's Current Location

Well... that was underwhelming but sure he got paid some decent money for it. Reminded me of a poor version of an advert he did in early 2000s for a drink but I forget which it is, but that was amusing where he takes out guys without knowing he's doing it haha. Any hope we'll get a film this year? I don't think we will :(
A lot of money I suppose. Yes it was some kind of energy drink, and he beats a couple of guys in a store, and in the end the owner too with a head butt. I likes that one more than this new one, this was just creating a new scenario where the same things happen actually.

And why the almost naked woman dancing for like 2 seconds?? Has nothing to do with the hole commercial. And a new film I dont think he wil be doing a new one this year... Not enough money for him that’s why he is doing the commercials.

Not even ‘the evening with Seagal’ is enough because he cancelled it because of his filming schedule. But what filming, hope not that commercial. But it was both in december so I think it was..