Submerged - review


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I just re-watched Submerged, and although the voice dubbing is very annoying, I have a soft spot for this movie. All those different locations look great and visually the movie looks good (not the special effects, but I can see through that). The action is shot well, and I like the last action scene when Seagal drives his car into the helicopter, crashes it in the main hall of that building, shoots every bad guy with a shotgun and then fights the bodyguard at the elevator. I also like all the different colors or filters that are used.
The movie is all over the place (military, submarine scene, opera scene, sci-fi,), but I think that's what I like about it. If the terrible voice dubbing wasn't there I think this could have been one of my favorite dtv Seagal movies.


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Funny, I rewatched that movie last week too and liked it better too as compared to when it came out.
The action scenes and set pieces are really well done.
However, I still don't like some of the "cool", over-the-top editing in this movie. A more traditional editing style would have helped here, I think.
Overall still pretty entertaining and I miss those times where Seagal starred in movies with such budgets (sometimes almost 4 movies per year), even if some of them haven't been great.

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Submerged has lots of obvious problems but is watchable, certainly more so than Contract to Kill, End of a Gun, General Commander, Beyond the Law and the standards we’ve since become accustomed to. Alas...

Horrific model spy planes and the dam explosion which looks like it was filmed in someone’s fish tank.

The dubbing.

The doubles, especially in the tank battle where he turns and we see a glaring shot of his face.

Disappointing fights.

The whole submarine section which, weirdly, is where Submerged falls asleep.

There’s some watchable action and some good music. Liked the shootout towards the end even if you could see blood squib cabling all over the floor. Hickox was behind Hellraiser III which was a great horror sequel and would much rather watch Submerged than a lot of the dreck which was to follow.