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Survivor / Hard Night Fallin' (first 4 Towers) - Dolph Lundgren

I just had a very short chat with producer Benjamin Sacks about Four Towers. All he could say right now is that Four Towers has not (yet) been greenlit....
This could be one of those film projects that never quite gets off the ground, considering it has had other actors attached to it in the past, and also failed to begin production.


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This is from an interview with actress Natassia Malthe, where she talks about the movie 4GOT10 (Lundgren) she played in:

Thanks for giving me the honesty, respect, let us end this interview on a positive note, What is next in the movie realm for Natassia, new films or projects?
My next movie is Four Towers I think. We are waiting for all the schedules to click. I am in Australia right now so auditioning is a little scarce.. I will know more about what to do with my career from Australia when I get better acquainted with the scene here...

Here is the whole interview:


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New interview with Gianni Capaldi from The Action Elite:


Wow! The guy who made Drowning by Numbers and The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover! That’s wild, man.
It’s called Walking to Paris. I’ll be working with Michiel Huisman from Game of Thrones. Then, hopefully, we’ll start shooting Four Towers soon, and I’ll play opposite Steven Seagal. That should be at the start of the year.
Hopefully there is an improvement over that list as they are all terrible movies. :(
I enjoyed GAME OF DEATH and BLOOD OF REDEMPTION. In my opinion, AMBUSHED was okay but A CERTAIN JUSTICE (released in the US on dvd as PUNCTURE WOUND {now there's a generic DTV title!} was sub-par. If made, I do hope FOUR TOWERS is better.


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I contacted Giorgi Serafini. He told me this:

Hi , the project is still a reality. It was considerably slowed down by the untimely death of our producer and dear friend Geza Decsy. It looks like another group is taking it over. I will have more informations soon.