The Challenge - Scott Glenn, Seagal as martial arts coordinator


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I just watched The Challenge with Scott Glenn, directed by John Frankanheimer. Did you know that Steven Seagal was the martial arts coordinator for that movie?
Very underrated movie by the way. You should check it out!

Check out the screenshot I made
The Challenge.jpg


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Yeah..I remember watching that film before Seagal had even made Above the Law...
it kind of falls into the Seagal lore like Prince of New Yotk(Seagal produced) and Celebrity Wines(Seagal and LeBrock appear)
Super Cops(intro narration)

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(Not being glib, Dida) but I thought EVERYONE knew about Seagal's involvement with this movie? ;)

He also taught Sean Connery some moves for 'Never Say Never Again' (1983) and broke Connery's wrist

I also read (once) that he was brought in as a fight co-ordinator for 'A View To A Kill' (1985) but can't find the article about such, anymore? :(