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The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

The stupidish thing happened to me the other day i was riding my bike home from an long day at school and i was doing all the right rules of the road only riding in an bike lane and this dic head came and thought he could go there too he was driving like an idiot and made me fall off my bike and did the prick stop to see if i was ok 'no' of course not f**** road -hog..luckily an guy came to my assistance
i went to see my doctor got an few cuts and that but my ankle is pretty much rooted at the moment its the size of an cricket ball my doctor said its lucky it wasnt worse it could have been broken geez i said thanks doc way to cheer me up..soo i have to stay off my ankle as much as possible and the swelling should go down in an few days the the pain will really set in ..my bike just got an few bits of paint chipped off i was more worried about it then myself...so thats why i havent been here for an couple of days ...if i ever see the prick who ran me off the road he is gonna wish he had stopped..beleive me..
Iam an happy little vegemite today i have put my birthday present to myself on lay by today its an (4) box of stevens movies from 1194-1997(sh.it sorry) i mean 1994-1997 they include Glimmerman, Under Seige 2, On Deadly Ground, and Fire Down Below...
Iam so glad i have six foot fences because today i felt like doing abit of weeding so i put on my gardening duds and got into it when i stood up my elastic went in my track pants and down they went the cool breeze was quiet nice actually ..so i picked up my track pants and did an brisk walk back inside boy iam sooooooo glad no one i knew saw what happened ...go ahead laugh while you all can...i must admit i did see the funny side of what happened after an while...
Hey Heather, I wish I had been there girl! I bet it was really funny! I know co's it's happened to me before! & I could'nt stop laughing at myself, anybody that passed must have thought I was a lunatic I was laughing that hard! so what its better than crying! You can come & weed my garden if you want? but its a helluva long way to come! I have tried over & over to keep the garden tidy, but the only help I get off the hubby is him running the lawn mower over! Its the weeding thats the worst! we get this horrible bind-
weed & no matter what we try we can't get rid of it!! Any idea's???
We'll chat soon!
Yes some one e-mailed me today saying he wish he had an video camera he would have put it on funniest home videos ..ohhh very funny haaaa haaa...he can knows what he can do..cheeky bugga...i know what you mean girl friging weeds you start at one end of the garden then by the time you get to the other end there back again my main weed problem is 'sour-sob' have you heard of that weed?..and i thought the male species were pests..also that 'sour-sob' you can eat the bulb its really sweet i had the privilege of growing up next door to an aborigine family and they taught me heaps of things ..hell no girl , i can swim but iam allergic to sharks..
I know its not the end of the world but last night i must have been more bushed then i thought i fell asleep during 'Exit Wounds' ...doesnt matter all was not lost because clever me did tape it i aint that silly..but i did want to see it at the time now if it was 'E.D'. well?..
Hey Heather, I've never heard of sour sob but it sounds nice, if you wanna come & do my garden I can always come & wrestle the sharks for you? Their
just pussy cats! LOL feed them & they'll leave you alone! How are you girl, never heard from you for a while???
Speaking of pussy cats mine is soaking up some rays near my front door boy she has the life..iam ok thanks been busy helping an freind the past couple of days ...maybe i should feed them my ex husband no i dont want to kill them ...lol..he is just being an ass hole at the moment but its nothing i cant handle...been watching "Bathurst 1000" they did an tribute to Peter Brock...looks like an FORD is going to win booooo hisssss..
Hey Heather, don't most men act like ass-holes, I know mine does, stupid old bugger, I should put him in an old folks home! LOL he has'nt even retired yet! although he's 15 years older than me, he.s starting to act like he's 100 years old, he's getting right on my bloody tit end, silly fart! they should destroy them all at birth!!! just not Steven Seagal, they should clone him! millions of times over!!! let me know what your doing girl, I haven't been on the forum lately as I've been doing some typing for somebody, it keeps me busy!
we'll speak soon, Take care,
Thats like my ex girl he thinks he is gods gift to woman well his latest tart i guess he is ...me iam ok thanks i did write an story for ya in the fantasy section i thought that it may have got zapped because its about you know who?..i feel for you girl just imagine what an royal pain he is going to be when he does retire..lol..an who said we need men to make babies thats what sperm banks are for just suck all the drop dead gorgeous guys dry and put there goodies in the freezer..then we can bonk them on the head..lol...catch you soon girl..
Well i just saw the first chapter in that movie'Final Destination' iam going to see 2/3 in the next few days note to self dont eat potato chips in bed because when an suddenly scary scene came on the chips went every where...even over my pussy cat..she didnt mind to much she loves them..got the portable vaccum out hope i got all the bits ..if any one here hasnt seen this movie and loves to be jumping out of there skin now and then , then watch it..an really great story line..

Well i saw the second chapter to 'final destination' very good that guy who plays the preparer for burials thats the dude from 'The Candyman' took me long enough to realise that...iam seeing the third chapter saturday..
Just got home from my only uncles funeral about an hour ago it was really an beautiful funeral an few people got up and said some really nice things about him ..My uncle had his 80th birthday 28/10/06 and the next day he had an heart attack due to kidney failure he had been on life support until last friday night turned the machine off at 7pm and died 7am saturday morning...when the service was happening there was an thunder around and some one said that not thunder thats max banging his cane and saying 'now you all better behave you better not make me come down there' we all laughed he was an teacher for 30 years ..i remember an story he told me years ago about an group of asian students visiting and he asked what part of japan were they from?.. they said 'china'...yes thats my uncle its going to be strange for an while not seeing him around he used to come see me play pool i know he will still be there if only in spirit..
Thats ok Mama san ..I would have told sooner but iam not any one that special here..who wants to hear about things in my life you know..on top of my uncle dieing i clean forgot about my mum's birthday luckily it was time to whiz down pick up my sister and go to the cemetary to put her favourite flowers on her grave which are pink and red carnations..
Just great cant bloody win all this hard work i put into this latest story what an shamozzle..i learnt from last to when i lost an story from here i had on paper which i should have saved to an disc ..soooo i did save what i wrote so far to an disc because an friend wanted to see it and being the girl iam i thought nothing more of it until an short time ago her bloody daughter got on her computer and some how deleted it ....MY GOD!!!..iam so pissed off all the hard yakka i put into it sh.it, sh.it. sh.it...no friging way is she even seeing the end i cant even talk to her right now..can you see some one doing that to steven ?..hell no..the rest of my story when its written here iam burning no point keeping it ...
As from Monday the 5/12/06 iam going to my sisters to help her shift ..I will be gone an week ..it makes sense that i stay there with her instead of coming back and forth every day...i hate to think all the stuff she has blimey!!..sooo to those who will miss me good and to those who wont miss me good too..
Buggar..it must be the silly season i went to my sisters this morning all ready and willing to help her and she asked what am i doing there?..well der to help you shift silly i said she just laughed and said yes thats all well and good girl but you are abit early it the 15/12/06 and only for the weekend..as she still stood there laughing...ohh funny ha ha indeed...so i stuffed up isnt the first time and wont be the last..so i stayed for morning tea nice scones and jam with fresh cream and an short black ( thats coffee)...so i got in my little car and came home ...i guess if i had to be some where else today i will get an phone call sooner or later...
To all those who thought that one aussie female was an hand full then whats two?..i know its double trouble...i have an feeling this other aussie girl is an whiz bang girl..in other words takes no prisoners...cant wait for the games to begin....
The Mystery of the Vanishimg Autographed Leather Jacket Post by Seattlehulagirl

Hmmm.....what's an Aussie girl to do when she sees a post in this thread just posted about an autograhed leather jacket.......she goes to ebay to check it out...yep the said jacket is being worn by tha lady sitin nwext to Steven Seagal.......the photo of the jacket shows no autograph so there's no guarantee of authenticity neither.......and then.........whoa!!!! No shippin' to australia......come back..........post she mysteriously VAMOOSED........WHAT THE?????
I had an surprise yesterday afternoon my brothers dropped in as they had some business to do in the big smoke so they stayed over night just as well i dont have to go to my work until this afternoon today as we didnt hit the sack till 2am this morning we had alot to catch up on ..my brothers left about 7am as one of them had an specialist appointment as he has hearing problems totally deaf in one ear thanks to the vietnam war...but at least he is still alive..then there going to call in and see my other sister on the way out of the big smoke...we may not communicate as much as we used to but some thing is better then nothing...