The Swordsman

Forrest Taft

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Nice to see something interesting in the pipeline. Don't think that's Viggo Mortensen on the poster though I think it's a look-a-like.


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Wilson Yip in 2020 is beyond a stretch, unfortunately. Maybe in Seagal's prime. I don't even think he could even get Jesse V. Johnson or Isaac Florentine now. God, if somehow it could happen, imagine Gareth Evans with Seagal in his prime? That would have been quite the combo. Pure mayhem. The Raid with Seagal.

But this does look interesting. It's a change from the usual formula. Let's see.


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Philip Osbourne:
At the end of the year, I will be adapting "The Swordman," a film by Keller Edde Studios and written by Steven Segal, author of the subject and co-author of the novel.


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We need Seagal to update us himself on what he has planned. Shame he's not more engaged with fans through his official site or any social media with a few blog updates or short video message, etc.