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The Swordsman


Finally, a new project?

This was recently added to Seagals film list on imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12163920/
Set in the 1800s, a Master Swordsman seeking to leave his life of bloodshed in the past, is pursued by assassins looking to kill him and the love of his life.

Apparantly, this could be a movie Seagal wants to make since a long time? It was briefly mentioned in this forum earlier:

Maybe Mathieu Weschler could return to direct this movie if he's available?
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Nice to see something interesting in the pipeline. Don't think that's Viggo Mortensen on the poster though I think it's a look-a-like.
Wilson Yip in 2020 is beyond a stretch, unfortunately. Maybe in Seagal's prime. I don't even think he could even get Jesse V. Johnson or Isaac Florentine now. God, if somehow it could happen, imagine Gareth Evans with Seagal in his prime? That would have been quite the combo. Pure mayhem. The Raid with Seagal.

But this does look interesting. It's a change from the usual formula. Let's see.