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The Swordsman


Finally, a new project?

This was recently added to Seagals film list on imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12163920/
Set in the 1800s, a Master Swordsman seeking to leave his life of bloodshed in the past, is pursued by assassins looking to kill him and the love of his life.

Apparantly, this could be a movie Seagal wants to make since a long time? It was briefly mentioned in this forum earlier:

Maybe Mathieu Weschler could return to direct this movie if he's available?
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Awesome! This is indeed the movie Steven wants to make for a long time. He really was right when he said he only wants to do new projects that really are interesting to him. Hope this happens!!!!
Finally, this could be promising. Hopefully it'll have a decent budget and I'll really put in the effort if it's something he wants to make. Hopefully he's using this period of time to focus on himself, lose a bit of weight and try to get projects ready for when normality can begin to return to the world.
By the way, that is Viggo Mortensen on the poster, right?
I think so, maybe a still from the movie "Alatriste" ?
Not sure why they added him on the cover. Also, I don't know who the other actors are.

Would be great if this movie could be directed by an Asian director and action choreographer. For example, the director of "Skin Trade" would be great.
Straight from the Studios that brought you such blockbuster hit films as 'Satchmo' , 'The Woodpecker Watlz"
and "Elvis and Lucy'...


Yeah, I'm sure 'The Swordman' will be right up there
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If this goes ahead I'm not going to get my hopes on on any level of the film. The thing with these last ten years of Seagal movies, if there was a script that was stuck to instead of messing about with it through productiction, and a really good editor on board, things could be so much different. Some of his movies seem to edited together by a blind, deaf man!
Since "The Swordsman" seems to be another dream project of Steven, I hope he will choose a good director.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely he will get a director like Wilson Yip ("Ip Man" series), but maybe one of the following directors could be possible?

Ching Siu-Tung ("Belly of the Beast")
Ekachai Uekrongtham ("Skin Trade")
mink ("Into the Sun")
Mathieu Weschler ("Attrition")
Chris Nahon (he worked with "Attrition" producer Bey Logan on "Lady Bloodfight")
Daniel Lee (Steven was a producer on his movie "Dragon Squad")

Any other ideas?