Top 10 Seagal movies


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Here's my DTV Top 10.

1. Attrition
2. Belly Of The Beast
3. Urban Justice
4. A Dangerous Man
5. Pistol Whipped
6. Into The Sun
7. Driven To Kill
8. The Keeper
9. Maximum Conviction
10. Born To Raise Hell
Hmmm...still no ATTACK FORCE :( But as far as his DTV releases go, I enjoy them all - but I really liked URBAN JUSTICE and, surprisingly, BORN TO RAISE HELL.....


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Theatrical Movies:

1. Out for Justice
2. Marked for death
3. Under Siege
4. Under Siege 2
5. On deadly Ground
6. The Glimmer Man
7. Fire down below
8. Hard to kill
9. Above the law
10. Exit Wounds


1. Urban Justice
2. Belly of the beast
3. Into the Sun
4. Driven to kill
5. Pistol Whipped
6. A Dangerous man
7. Absolution
8. The Keeper
9. Mercenary for justice
10. Maximum Conviction
Wow.. It's been 6 YEARS since my last post to this forum! I watched Attrition a couple of days ago and thought it was a pretty good Seagal flick!

TOP 10 Theatrical
1. Under Siege
2. Out for Justice
3. Marked for Death
4. Hard to Kill
5. Nico: Above the Law
6. The Glimmer Man
7. Under Siege 2
8. On Deadly Ground
9. Fire Down Below
10 Exit Wounds

TOP 10 DTV (I haven't seen some of his dtv's 2013-2018)
1. Urban Justice
2. The Marker
3. Into the Sun
4. A Dangerous Man
5. The Keeper
6. Force of Execution
7. Attrition aka: The Final Mission
8. Out For A Kill
9. Born to Raise Hell
10. The Patriot
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I haven't seen every single one of his DTV movies (as I've heard people that attempted such feat ended up in a criminal asylum), but here is my personal top 10:
1- Out for Justice
2- Above the Law
3- Marked for Death
4- Hard to Kill
5- Belly of the Beast
6- Urban Justice
7- On Deadly Ground
8- Under Siege
9- Fire Down Below
Don't know about n. 10: maybe The Asian Connection (saw half of it and didn't think it was too bad)?

I really want to see Attrition, maybe that will find its way in the list!
Btw, I don't really like Under Siege somehow, the only reason it's on the list is the cake scene...


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This is no particular order.

1. Above the Law
2. Out for Justice
3. On Deadly Ground
4. Into the Sun
5. Urban Justice
6. Pistol Whipped
7. Marked for Death
8. Under Siege
9. The Glimmer Man
10. Exit Wounds
Belly of the Beast had potential to be one of his best DTV's but was sadly ruined with those ridiculous, unrealistic fight scenes.


I dont agree with it either. I miss Into The Sun and The Keeper, are better than some of the movies in the list


He needs to remove Half Past Dead,Exit Wounds,Urban Justice and Machete. How is Urban Justice and Machete better then On Deadly Ground and where is Under Siege 2?