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Urban Justice Trailer By Scott Conrad


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Here is the trailer created by Scott Conrad, film editor of Urban Justice.

Kindly submitted to the site by Scott Conrad and Don E. FauntLeRoy.

Download here
File size : 23.64Mb
File format : MOV

Simply download, unzip and open using Apple Quicktime.

Thanks for the trailer it is superb.


Excellent trailer. Thanks to Scott Conrad for cutting it, and Don Fountleroy for providing it to the site. And thanks, Craig, for posting it. Can't wait to see URBAN JUSTICE.

Just a thought, but the trailers for DTV releases these days mostly seem to be cut for running in the rental stores (Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, etc) on the monitors there in a loop as continuous advertising and this type of trailer doesn't meet their kiddie-friendly standards - so the official trailer is the watered down version we've seen.


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Omg! Helllll Yeah! That Was The Trailer I Was Looking For! Exactly How I Would Have Made It! He's Back - Love That Bit!!!!!