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Such a shame Suzi - this country would never stand for that type of censorship. Although sometimes it would be worth it to stop some of the absolute filth we can access freely - but to each his own. I prefer self censorship and watching what we allow our children to view over the government stepping in and telling me what I can see or not.

I do draw the line at child porn/pedophilia. That is another subject for another time and place.



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Thank you Suzi for video.I had seen in 2006 in the TV this emission on of Thierry Ardisson but my preferred it is the one of Michel Denizot on another channel.There was several transmission at this moment there and I registered them !


Nice one, thats a really cool montages, must be from the reg 1 verison as it includes cuts (gefddit cuts) from my reg 2 verison.


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Yes where did all the cookies go??

On our two transatlantics this past year my DH was able to scare them up once..we had one cookie a piece and then we never saw them again...and believe me we looked