What are you craving right now?


Somehow for some unknown reason that's not beeing explained scientifically...

... I'm craving donuts :D


I Belong To Steven
uhhhhhh, are we discussing food here? :D
Serena---I like that idea too!
But it's a bit early, although I have eaten pizza
for breakfast many times...


Steve's Destiny

Allow me to remind you that it was you who joined the club back in 2001 (at the Official site). I was already there...

Lotussan said:
Jalu---Join the club...

Amos Stevens

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CRAVING? Do we look like pregnant ladies?

Now what would we like to eat right now-anything edible..they ruined my dinner! :(


No, Julie, I won't ...

Julie, donuts are a snack really ... it's a craving sure, but it's not like I have a donut a minute... Two meals a day (one of which is breakfast and isn't much), a snack maybe two, and a smaller meal close to the end of the day.