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What exactly went on between Seagal and Sean Connery?

I read in reports that Seagal broke Connery's wrist while he was working as a martial arts chereographer on the set of the 1983 Thunderball remake Never Say Never Again because Connery 'angered' him.But I wonder if anyone could expurgate on this a little and go into greater detail about exactly what happened.
Supposenly Sean Connery said in an interview that during the filming of "Never Say Never
Again," he was taking martial arts lessons and in the process
angered the instructor who in turn broke Connery's wrist;
he stayed with the wrist broken for a number
of years thinking it was only a minor pain...
the instructor was Steven Seagal.


Staff member
Note to self: do NOT piss off Steven Seagal.


-TD, trying to turn herself into a sweet, charming woman and failing utterly, thereafter left to quiver in fear under the bed...

...as if



I Belong To Steven
Yes, I think he's got a bad temper, (ooh, what a tiger!) :eek:
But he's also got a whole lot more, oh my is it hot in here, again? ;)
He's definately not a boring man, he's a woman's dream come true, eh?
And I hope mine comes true...
Asking for trouble, am I? No, no, no...
A little understanding and sacrifice go along way,
Hiiiiiii, what a man!
Note to Steven :
Honey, I won't be hiding neath the bed, please, just try to be gentle with me darling....:D ;) :D


come get some
It's rare but wrists and arms do get broken during martial arts sessions, especially during Aikido or Judo or Jujitsu sessions. It's a fact of life. I think this "Connery angered Seagal" stuff is probably a journalist invention.

The interesing thing about Connery is if you ever watch his performance in Rising Sun, the way he talks to that doorman is PURE Seagal. He obviously spent a lot of time around Sensei. :)


I Belong To Steven
I was just being silly before of course, I don't think Steven ever goes around hurting people intentionally...
In the case with Mr. Connery I am sure it was just an accident...
After all, no-one knew for sometime that he was even injured...
I am sure Steven had regrets, and probably felt very badly...
I am certain that he has a bad temper though, however, he is trained in the martial arts, and I think that teaches you quite a bit about self restraint...
No doubt that he has leathal hands either, but one who has the skills and power that he has, also has the sense to use them in the appropriate fashion...
Also we must keep in mind that he is simply a very big man, and sometimes men just don't know their own strength...
I think he definately looks a little spicy in the emotional department though, you can see it in his eyes...
I understand that, and therefore wouldn't be pushing his buttons that's for sure...
Some folks just need some space at times like that to let their temper cool...
I am not afraid of him...
He's actually very, very, exciting...
Oh, I bet he is...;)

Mama San

From my understanding, Steven is an excellant teacher and doesn't loose his temper with those he's teaching.
Sean was probably making a joke out of it when he was being interviewed and the press ran with it as an accusation of willful harm.
Oh, what would we do without the little buggers?
God bless,
Mama san
I reckon it's a load of bull that Connery 'angered' Seagal. Surely Seagal would have respect for a dude over 20 years older than him?! The wrist break incident was probably just an unintentional accident and Connery was making light of the situation. Like Disciple said - it is rare, but wrists can be broken during martial arts sessions, especially those such as Aikido, where much of the emphasis is placed on body mechanics. As for Rising Sun - that is a cool movie and I personally felt that the part was tailor-made for Seagal.



I Belong To Steven
Yes, I am sure he has the utmost respect for Mr. Connery and vice versa...
No way would he intentionally do that...
It was just a mishap, and I am sure Mr. Connery was being lighthearted about the whole thing...
Steven is a great teacher, however I think he is a very powerful man...
Ooooh, so exciting!
Momma Mia! ;)
I agree with those who have posted and said that it was probably a small incident which was blown out of proportion. I have heard though in several interviews that Sean Connery has given since the film that the making of "Never Say Never Again" was an unhappy one, and it was supposed to be the film that finally tired him of the whole Bond franchise.

Connery is a cool actor in my opinion.


Connery is The MAN! He is The Mans Man.
Now how could he piss off someone who teachs an art so based on Honor and not hurting others?
lol The press, I say we have a modern inquisition! Poke em all!