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What's next for Seagal?

Discussion in 'General' started by DiDa, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    At this moment of his career I was really wondering what will be next for Seagal.

    After the release of Maximum Conviction it's getting silent again.

    All we know is that he recently mentioned a new film called Tip Of The Spear. But this movie is in pre-production. Seagal mentioned that with a little bit of luck we can see him shooting this one in a couple of months. So it's not certain that this movie will be made...

    I was also wondering: will there be a 3rd season of True Justice? To be honest, I am done with True Justice. I like it but I would like to see Seagal in movies again. It's also because he always works with the same team (Keoni Waxman, Lauro Chartrand). Don't get me wrong, they are great dtv directors, but I would like to see Seagal working with other people once in a while.

    It would be great if Seagal makes some movies with known actors. I am glad that Steve Austin is also in MaxCon. At this moment there are a lot of great actors in the dtv circuit (Val Kilmer, Cuba Gooding Jr, Dolph Lundgren, Neal McDonough, Ving Rhames).

    But the ultimate dream would be: Seagal in The Expendables 3! I have a feeling that this can seriously happen. I really hope Seagal is smart enough and not turns it down. Because in a recent interview he mentioned that he wants to make movies that are worth something for the world and that he is not into the Hollywood "thing".

    But actually, I hope that he is going to do something, because it's getting really silent about Seagal. On the otherhand, all the other action heroes are having a boost in their career!
    Please Seagal, make some movies while you still can!

    It's also frutrating that we have no insider on this website who can provide us with some news. I used to be an insider and arranged some interviews with Don E Fauntleroy and Lauro Chartrand. I tried Lauro Chartrand recently but he isn't replying to my questions anymore...

    So if someone has some news, or knows someone in the business close to Steven (where is Joe Halpin by the way) please post it here on the greatest Steven Seagal fan board ever!!

    And now I am going to watch the MaxCon trailer again! Can't wait for this one!
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  2. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Update: I contacted Voltage Pictures and Lauro Chartrand ( I noticed I had an old contact adress) to ask about some future project / TV series with Steven.

    Waiting for a reply...
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  3. Kotegashi

    Kotegashi Master Of Disaster Staff Member

    E3 would be great if he could be in it.

    I would do anything to see Seagal be in, if it is just only once more, a big budget, big names production. Like E3 or something like Machete, nothing to serious, just fast paced, well thought out, continuos action with Seagal showing his moves like back in ATL. E1 and E2 and Machete all proofed that old school action movies still atract the major crowds opposed to all the new action with loads of cgi.

    It just shows when something is real or comes out of a computer.

    The few action moments Seagal treats us to nowadays show he still has got the moves and speed, but we deserve more and so does he.

    And portraying a bad guy again, like in machete, would be totally awesome.

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  4. Mason

    Mason Well-Known Member

    Totaly agree :) :cool:

    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    Is Steven Seagal still dangerous???

    I would say piss him off then see ..
  6. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    As you know I've been in contact with Lauro Chartrand and he has been so kind to answer my question about the future projects of Seagal.

    Lauro mentioned that he directed 2 episodes of True Justice Season 2: Dirty Money and Violence Of Action (the movie is called Violence Of Action). These are the only two episodes of Season 2 he directed, Lauro mentioned.

    I asked him about Seagal's future projects and he did confirm that "they" are in talks for a third season of True Justice.

    I asked him about some future movies, like Tip Of The Spear. Lauro said he doesn't know the project but he hopes to work with Steven Seagal very soon, no matter what project.

    That is all he mentioned and I think there isn't much to be answered because it's very quiet around Steven. So we can assume that Seagal will be shooting True Justce Season 3 next year.

    Thanks to Lauro Chartrand for being so kind to answer my questions.
  7. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    UPDATE: Lauro Chartrand e-mailed me again and told me:

    Thanks Marco,

    They have asked me to come back and direct, so if all goes well I will be.
  8. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Well True Justice season 1 seemed to do quite well for Reelz, strange they would go ahead with a third season before they have aired it there.

    Personally i would prefer if he concentrated on one project per year and give it his best instead of a mix like we are getting now.
  9. bens85

    bens85 Active Member

    I think if he got into "Expendables 3", this could affect him in a few ways. Alot of people, like myself, would be interested to see him alongside his peers from the 80s/90s era like Stallone, and it might give him a late career boost like Van Damme; but on the other hand, I hope they can use him properly, like in "Machete", because he is a easy target for criticism unfortunately.

    Although I would also like to see him step out of the Hollywood system and make a film financed/produced by another country. I don't mean a DTV shot in Romania (although I would prefer a film instead of the two tv series), but a film developed and produced outside of US.

    For example, if I could produce a new project for Seagal, I was recently thinking of a storyline that would balance between his Buddhist spirituality and some action/drama, based in Tibet and India; but I'm just a amateur writer, professional dreamer.
  10. bens85

    bens85 Active Member

    By the way Dida, just wanted also to thank you for your effort providing us with information from Lauro Chartrand.
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  11. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thanks Bens85! I am happy myself that I can ask Lauro for some information now and then...
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  12. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    So all we know for sure is that True Justice season 3 will happen and that Lauro Chartrand will return as a director in some episodes.

    I really hope the story of True Justice will be better and tighter. Soldier Of Vengeance was a good example....Seagal hunting down the people who killed his team! You really wanted Seagal to get the bastard! It was very cool.
  13. sydneyalias1325

    sydneyalias1325 The Dark

    Perhaps he should restore one of his abandoned project to get it made and that was Secret Smile. I always wanted to see Secret Smile happening maybe the original plot could be changed from action to suspense/thriller route even it'll have action at times.

    I think Secret Smile should start with a new plot concept. I do have ideas that I would like to do for Secret Smile but I'm not going to reveal what my ideas are in here. My idea for Secret Smile would be "Steven Seagal meet Enemy of the State (without high tech gadgets) meet The Fugitive meet Thunderheart. It would be nice to make a Native American themed thriller for a Seagal vehicle...just forget the hate on On Deadly Ground even I personally loved On Deadly Ground.

    Of course there is a need of good cast to support the film and my long-time dream is to see Steven Seagal and Graham Greene play together in a film one of those days.
  14. marky96

    marky96 Active Member

    What's next for Seagal? A dignified retirement perhaps?
  15. photomouse14

    photomouse14 Guest


    ORANGATUANG Wildfire

    So that word 'retirement' has raised its ugly head again ? surely he has earnt the right to have an break from his busy life... and spend time with his family ..iam sure we will know in time what his next move is...
  17. marky96

    marky96 Active Member

    Well it's gonna happen at some point, he can't go on forever plus he's not in shape to carry on much longer like Charles Bronson was for example.

    I never said he was retired now just cos he's not active at the moment. I just said a more permenant break is an option. As you point out he does have a family who he can spend more time with. On top of that with other roles in cinema released films looking unlikey, the collapse of the DTV market and the poor reception of True Justice I'm saying that this might be the right time for Seagal to retire. I feel like carrying on will simply mean either the industry retiring him or him carrying on in projects with even worse production values with constant use of sound and body doubles and no regard for the finished project.
  18. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    I think as long as his DTV releases are making money he will continue to make them, hopefully they reduce quantity and increase quality. We know Steven Seagal could still make a decent movie if the time and effort is put in.
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  19. kadence1

    kadence1 Active Member

    Can any get ahold of someone and see what seagals doing next? not lauro chatrand since he honestly doesnt know. seagal was suppose to make another movie with luck right? well if that movie cant be made i wonder if hes going to think of another movie he could make or just go straight into making season 3 of tru justice. honestly i dont mind the truejustice but like most of you id rather have a kickass movie like maximum conviction. All im saying is this if keoni waxman directs another movie i think its going to be better than max con know why? he came out with the keeper which was pretty decent then he did a dangerous man which was better than the kepper, than he came out with max con which is even better than both of them, hopefully hell keep the pattern going:)
  20. KROM

    KROM Member

    Guys, we should all wish that Steven will try next to change his tranning and diet programm, he can make it!

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