Whats Up With StevenSeagal.com?


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Well, since Mama san and suziwong were both on the official site, I think you may take their word for what happened (there were, I gather, other factors as well, including a lot of nasty in-fighting which wasn't curbed).


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Maybe there was a lot of back biting, but what I have read here everyone seems to be speculating. I may be new to this site, but, sometimes I can't tell if a person is a fan or not! That is just the way I see it.

Mama San

No one can know what it was like unless you were there.
People were threatened with physical harm, they were
degraded for anything they would say.
There were no moderators. The freaks ran wild and there
was absolutely nothing that the decent members could do
about it.
So before you start speculating how bad it wasn't.........
take it from me as to how bad it was!!!!!
You couldn't pay me to go back into that hell-hole!!
God bless,
Mama san


I Belong To Steven
Julie, you are right about one thing, as fans we should be ever supportive of our beloved Steven...:)


I agree with Casey. The "old place" :mad4: became a real :mad4: magnet. Anyone who enjoyed it at the end could only have been too stoned or drunk to realise what was happening.

But I would give SS the benefit of the doubt myself. I think he was being ripped off by a bunch of name droppers who gained his permission to run the site, but never really gave two hoots about it, except how much money they could make from selling merchandise etc. I would think SS pulled the plug himself as a result of the non compliance, and the late appointment of mods made things impossible to clean up. I would say those SS trusted to run the site, are no longer trusted anymore, at least, I would hope not.
Just too little too late really. Seemed to coincide with the mob thing too.

I'm sure Craig :cook: could set up a new "official" site at SS's request, (for a nominal fee of course) at least it would be run and maintained professionally. :gun:


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Lotus name dropping is when someone uses a famous or important persons name to take advantage of others or get something they want , so to speak.


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ok pur, I see...But if he knew them well enough to hire them...Then again, look at
his business partner, he knew him a long time...Besides just because you know or work for someone doesn't make you important...I am sure a lot of people would like
to think it does, but it doesn't...Some people have power trips...Steven has a famous name
but just because someone knows him or acts like they do, doesn't impress me...


Ok,you may say I was in offense with him for that crap but who knows what really happened that they weren't able to keep that place clean and polite.I'm just glad that this place ain't like that.