Withdrawl symptoms -- I missed you all!


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Well, I must admit, with the forum page down for so long, I was having some withdrawl symptoms from not being able to chat with you guys for so long!

Very frustrating week!


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Sorry about that, every time there is a database error i get an email! I had over 2500 in my Yahoo box and it was 117% full.


Mama San

Thank you so much for bringing us back together!
A person can get very lonesome out here when we
can't talk to our friends!
Thanks again!!!!
God bless,
Mama san


I Belong To Steven
Omg! The board is back! :D I am soooo glad to see you all again...Especially Steven's smiling face....:) I missed you all!

Baseball Lady

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I know what you guys mean. Never knew how much I could miss this site til I couldn't get on and see how everyone was!!
Thanks for all the hard work Craig. I'm glad those 2500 emails weren't mine to go thru, what a headache:D

BB Lady