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You've never seen Steven like this !!!

Just when you think all the people that like putting Steven down are finally given up along comes another..So what if he is just an little bit bigger iam sure he knows what is best and as for chuck norris he aint all that..and as for ugly dont be an jerk...looks aint everything ...as for over the hill at least he has some thing you aint and thats an life..
a little gut or not Steven is a beautiful man period and chuck norris oh no sorry you did not say he was better looking than Steven PLEASE
that is all i have to say about that

and oh yes he sure does look fine in those muscle shirts wooo hooo la ti da
question tho, where did his tattoo go? i know i saw one in pictures before even though i never could make out what it was. was it a henna (Fake) one?
or did he have it lasered off? does anyone here know?
That was in On Deadly Ground. It's something that he should wear for his last film. And also he had it in Hard to Kill also but I kinda of liked what he had in On Deadly Ground better. It suits him so well.
Excuse me , but guys we are not REALLY discussing the "apperance" of Steven..!!! we all care about his art.
Of course we want him to look perfect and terrific, but that oes not mean to make it our main point....please
Have a good day every one