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  • Thanks a lot, Ann! With this Message I send to You a lot of smiles, shining of the sun and nice mood! :) New Year came to us! :) Hurah!

    I have 17 days of My holidays, and very glad about that! Ann, return to Your home, forget about Your work and celebrate this great holiday! ;) I wish to You all the wonderful and awsome in 2010! :)
    Well not really girl an friends dog gets hit by an car and is rushed to the vet thank god she will be ok ..and last night get an phone call from an friend her dad is just hanging in there she has to make an rushed trip to brisbane hope she gets there in time so what the ??? things canm only get better for gods sake..
    Happy Newyear 2010.
    Ann and all what i cant whis you this year.
    Hello Ann
    Well the madness is over. Hopefully now I can get back on my schedule. I hope you and yours had a great Christmas.. NO. No real snow yet just flakes ever now and then but it in
    the 20's right now and wind
    chill in the teens. I got to get to
    a warmer climate getting to
    old for these winters the bones can't
    handle it anymore> LOL See your on line
    uh now your off LOL Had a good time
    with family, grandchildren and great
    grandchildren down to see the folks.
    Will check back later with ya. Have
    a good one.
    Oh iam sure it will stop new years resolution is not to open up my heart to people whom think they are better then me because with out there big name status there nothing.. had an good time last night didnt get to bed till about 2am but here iam talking to one of the girls.. now iam off to do some mundane house work..happy new year girl..
    Oh dont worry girl its going to be an tame time bringing the new year in tonight ..just an couple of the girls around watch the fireworks from my front porch which is just so cool and an light supper and of course some take now you here young lady..xx
    Oh, I see, Ann! :) Yes, and I have a nice time for relax and to think about all the good! :) Hope, New Year's night will wonderful! :) Happy and quickly returning to the home, Ann!

    Well, before New Year will start, I have few days of My studying practise, and they'll finished at the afternoon of Dec 31! :)
    Good Morning Anneliese! How have you been? Did you get any snow when that storm swept through the country? Wish we could have gotton some snow... I hope you had a blessed Christmas with your family and that all of you have a Blessed New Year! Gota jet for now! Sorry I missed you.

    Love Always Your Sister,
    What may I say else? Maybe, to wish You a more of leisure time, Ann, to relax and to have a great holidays! :) Thanks a lot, Ann! :) I'll be! :)
    Hmmmm i sent Joe an christmas card you know online one didnt get an thank you or anything ..Santa must think he has been bad..
    boy i tell you girl when you go shopping there are mad people behind the trolley one of my friends had some total whack job run up the back of her and did the jerk say sorry hell no one of the shelf stackers saw what happened and reported him to the store where was that jerks christmas his pants ..
    Hi Annalisa! Thank You for the poem. That was nice and So True...would be nice if people actually lived what they believe... I'm not perfect but I do my best to do right & truely love others with a sincere heart. Just like a rock being dropped into a pond, that makes many ripples, spreading outward for a long ways, all it takes is one person with a loving word of encouragement/loving helpful deed, can also go a long way ... making a much more lasting effect in such a positive way.

    Merry CHRISTmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Love Always,
    Oh you know me girl i dont hold an gridge for long .. there is always next year and this time i will make sure it doesnt get stuffed up...still going to have an wizz bang one..hey its an open invite if any one wants to come fisrt you have to come to my place..( :
    yes that does make me think girl why disclose that sort of stuff in an mag ..Men !!! and they say us girls are confusing hmmmm
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