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  • Feels good & this's great. My pleasure to meet every sunny day and to be glad of it! So are You appreciate every day of Your wonderful life?
    Spring, Spring... The season of awakening the nature and the symbol of the coming pleasant events. It's so beautiful and great, isn't it? ;)
    Hey little brother thanks for the PM. I am busy wirth work and packing. I will be moving soon. In another month or so!!

    Be good!!;)
    Hi Kirill!!

    Wednesday we had our first snow here in Kansas. Didn't stay on the ground and it did turn into rain. Its cool in the morning and in the afternoon it warms up some.

    Have a great weekend. Always good to hear from you!!
    Hi Kirill,

    Always good to hear from you!! Good luck in the Army! Glad to hear you get to stay in your home town. Weather here is still nice, cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. But winter is coming soon. Don't look forward to it.

    Take care my friend and best wishes coming your way!!
    Hi Kirill,

    Always nice to hear from you!!

    I went to NC for 2 weeks of vacation to see some firnds. Had a wonderful time there.

    Thanks for the compliment!!
    Thanks Kirill. I am leaving tonight to catch a plane out early tomorrow morning.

    Be good and good luck in whatever you might be doing.

    Thanks Kirill,,Always good to hear from you!! All the best whatever you are doing.
    Take care;)
    Hi Kirill,

    I have tried to answer your PM but was not able to send it. Your message box is over the limit so you need to do something about it, or you won't be able to get anymore PM's.

    Just delete some to make space for new ones. OK?
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