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  • "Happy St. Valentine's Day" to You, Dear Cathleen! I wish You the light and neverending love of Your family, friends and others. (Can't forget how The Beatles sang in the song). Have You already had a couple of "Valentine's cards"? I think, it's so. ;)

    Have a nice day and amazing week! :)
    Hello again, Cathleen! :) Sorry, that I didn't write You for a long time - Now, after those moment when I knew that I'll serve in the army only for a 6 monthes, I spend My time very good - walk, have a rest, go in the cinema and walk on the beach. Also I had a little problem with My computer, which doesn't want to work in such summer hot conditions and breaks from time to time! That's why I didn't sign in at least in the last 1-2 weeks..

    So, and how're You? I've remembered about You often! Do You have a time to relax, to have a rest? I very hope, that You do, anyway, I'll pray for You, Dear friend!

    I was very glad to write You, Cathleen and very hope, that I'll sign in here very soon in the next time! :)
    Hi Kat,

    I had a great time!! North Carolina is so beautiful. Got to see alot of things and went to Virginia also. I used to live there twice.
    :) I'm so glad, Katalin, that You liked My pics! This will help Me - insurance, that everything will be good! :) Thank You, My Dear friend!
    :) Oh, I forgot to say You, Katalin, I've uploaded some of the photos, and if You want, You may look at 'em. Be good!
    The same to you Kat. Friends have been wanting me to for a long time, so I finally did. Thanks Kat.;)
    Hi Ann,thanks for your question.Living a dense life. Put on sale my house, and had to do some minor decorations before.Try to be positive in everything...and listen music whenever is possible.Am very happy because since 2 weeks summer wheather is here.Enjoying until I can, 'cause here you never know.Cannot go ahaed with my book because events are blocking me. And YOU? you know my email and hugs: K
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