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  • Helllo Georgiana.
    That is ok my friend and i hope see you back here on 2 februari, and i hope that you come on the chat than we talk eachother ,i anderstand you very well that you are busy,everyone have work to do and have no mutch time .
    Work go first ,i have olso to work to do when that is done than i visit this site for see my post here and than i go to the chat.
    I thank you my friend for sent me a message in my post.
    Take Care my friend and i see you back here .
    Hi Georgiana, of course I am not upset. I just thought it would be nice to see you in the chat. Another time perhaps?
    Have a good day. :)
    Hi, I see you are online and we are in the chat if you would like to come and join us. :)
    hi georgiana.
    this lutje here and you dont be afray ,i have problems to whit some words and i gone help you like my other friends her ,like sandermc he gone help you olso to like he do to same whit me when i type words whrong ,
    He is very nice and a very good boy believes me.
    And iam your friend here and i help you whit all my heart
    you ore new here and all my friend acept you and you are very welcom like are friend and the all Steven Seagals fans .
    Take care my friend
    Hi georgiana ,i be on the chat here ,and i hope you come this evening ,i be there now and i go out on 22:00 houre
    and i hope i kant talk you my friend.
    Take care and sensei.
    Hi georgiana.
    I thank you for come in my post here,post here and i hope you come to the chat.
    Take Care my friend.
    Hi iam Lutje from antwerp belgium, and you are very welcom here and i want to be friend whit you , and i hope you have fun here.
    I see Steven Seagal to he is avery good fantastic actor and a realy good fantastic musian and his concert whas fantastic and he loves his fans here ,he is very nice and a great man ,and iam a very great fan from him,he is soooo lovely man.
    Take care and sensei.
    Hi there friend:) I am fine, trying to stay warm here in this bitter cold Kansas,USA.

    No, I have never met Steven, but sure would like to see him in concert!!:)

    Maybe someday!!
    I have seen Steven three times in concert, he his fantastic! Hope you get to meet him too! xx
    stven is my hero since I was a kid I remember that I thought about him all the time .. I saved all the river, never fail ... if something happens to me like someone beat me and it appears Steve resolve .. haha my hero!
    I am from England, live in Wolverhampton the West Midlands. Have you ever met Steven? xx
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