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  • Hey! How are you I haven't seen you around lately so I thought I'd better check in to make sure your are alright.
    I seem to be just poppin' in and out these days ! I seem to spend more time on facebook than here - but I joined SS facebook as well. Hope you are well Anneliese :)
    Hey girl,

    What a nice surprise!! Good to see you!! I miss you!!

    I am doing fine. How are you?

    Thanks for your lovely words. Here we have also frost and snow. Everything is halpf paralized. Did I say I adopted two small doggies? From a rescue organisation. Later will upload their photos.
    Lots of love and blessings Katalin (Katie)
    Of course he (Santa) was!!LOL:D What was I thinking??????????????:D:D:D

    Congratulations on your new man in your life. And "Thank you" for the good wishes. The same to you!!

    Thanks Anneliese - lots of changes happened to me since I popped by a few months ago - but hey all good for a change !!
    Good to have you back IC!!:)

    It's about time IC and No, nothing passes me!! I have got an evil eye!!LOL:D:D:D
    ...I had great problems in logging in BUT the lovely Craig kindly assisted - bless him. I am grateful and lovely to check out the place again - BUT ye haven't started decorating yet for the holiday season, so - do not fear as Irish Coleen is here !!!!!!!!!!!!
    ....ah! nothing passes you Anneliese !!! And here I was thinking that nobody would 'spot' me !! lol !!!!!!!
    Hi Coleen, yes,yes, I din't disappear. How are you doing? Dear Anneliese, I kindly invite you, have a look To Buthidars,( sign up as my friend if you are a devotee of friendship and unconditional love. xxx Kat
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