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  • Lutje,
    Just to let you know.......MamaSan was not the Mother of Myst!!!! Myst just was the one that found out she died.
    Hi girl how are you going? my thoughts are with you ..will be writting abit more on my story later today i hope. i do have to do some school home work first you know what its like work before pleasure..

    If this was your brother's wish you did the right thing!! Pray and trust God that your brother comes home safe and sound!! God will bring him back to you!! Trust him!!

    Sorry to hear Lutje. Like I said before, hang in there. You are helping your brother. And God will help you thru and richly bless you!!
    Hang in there Lutje. I know it's hard. But God will help you get thru this. And he will bless you for taking care of your sick brother.

    You are very welcome. May God comfort you and bless you and your brother and your family!!
    Lutje, how are you today? Better I hope. Thinking about you and your brother. May God be with you and your brother in this trying time.
    So sorry to hear that Lutje.

    You and your family and brother will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    God bless you friend.

    Hi Lutje. I have been pretty ill over the past week so sorry for not getting back to you on Facebook. I'm feeling a bit better now, thank goodness. I hope all is well with you.
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