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  • Hello, everybody! Just thought I would pop in and say howdy. Not much going on here! I'm turning 50 tomorrow and Dave went to the mountains for the week without me. I don't have any time left after that bad car accident on Christmans Eve. I'm feeling a lot better these days. I actually was able to do some needed gardening. Put in all my herbs for this year, though some of them came up again, which I'm really surprised considering the harsh winter we had here in the North East (US). Well, hope everyone is well. God Bless1
    Thank you my friend that no problem,i see back There Sean,and whit me is all good and iam very happy that you think on me.
    thanks friend.
    Hello Sean ,how are you my friend,when you come back on facebook,my friend .
    XXX Lutje.
    Yes, tough week and a very busy one.... Thanks for asking. What's all going on with you in Australia? Just curious as to what happens over there....I pray you have a blessed day! Smiles and A Hug, sent your way. Love Stacey
    Thanks! In a hurry as always! On way out of town again, for Huge Jewelry show and Movie producer party... Hoping to get some Big parts in the near future...pray for me... gota go work on my resume, etc.... just finished up with one movie, Wednesday... I'll tell you about it in a PM...later. Thanks for thinking of me. Have fun but watch that sun down under...don't need a Ray Burn.... LOL! Love Stacey
    I'm doing good but am tired from not enough sleep, have a headach from crying so much and my eyes are burning&a bit swollen... I guess it's time for me to break my own rules and take a tylanol....LOL... Thanks for Asking. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Love Stacey
    Hi my Aussie Brother! Nice 2see U on here @the same time as me! I am preparing to leave some time tomorrow evening or Saturday morning but can't sleep much. so decided to type a little and read all my emails before I leave. How are You?
    In a hurry but just wanted to say how blessed you are, to live in Australia! Such a Beautiful country! I love the beach and love ocean live. I am a member of Ocean Conservency! One of many Wildlife/Nature conservation & preservation groups I belong to! Hope you have a blessed day! It can be fun where ever you go...just bring the party with you...LOL! Love Stacey
    Do U get to watch Steven Seagal Lawman? It is very interesting. Makes me miss being there with him being around for protection, but I DON'T Miss the Traffic!!!LOL! Traffic is so bad, there. Use to live in Metairie and attend college in NOLA. Ever been there, before. Some of the Movie Shoot Set Sites, are down that way,where I have to go for a movie I'm in as a supporting actress.
    TY! I know. I will certainly remember all the good things my Daddy did give and teach me.... Good man to be named after. Very tallented actor with a cute accent and beautiful voice. Can you speak any of the Galic language? Unfortunately, I do not know a single word in any of the Irish dialects. TY, for all the nice comments you posted in my picture album. Yes, I was very blessed to have met Steven and some of his family and friends. I felt like an ant standing next to him. He is such a tall man. That picture of me with Steven, was taking before I cut my hair and lost a lot of weight.

    Love Stacey
    Thank You Sean! You must be Irish! I love your name. I am part Irish. Thank You! I appreciate your kind thoughts for my family and me. I wrote a poem for my Daddy, today. Technically, yesterday. Ironically I bagan that poem at 4Am, the same moment my Daddy passed away. I was told by my grandmother, that is the time of morning the Coranors Office thinks he passed away, in his sleep. At least he didn't suffer and die awake.... I just wish I could have gone back home to see him 2 weeks ago, when he asked me to come back home 2c him! I regret that, now! At least I was able to talk to him them and He did tell me He Loved me!!!

    Love Stacey
    Saw you on here and just thought I would wish you & your family a Happy New Year! I haven't been on this site much because I have been so busy. I miss all of you who are my friends. I finally figured out how to post some of my pictures, so go to my page to see what I look like. Hope you are doing well. I will be preforming in NY, in Feburary... wish you were near there so you could come see me preform. I'm working on getting into acting, writing and doing something with my fashion designs. Hope to see you around.

    Love Your Sister,
    Stacey Denise Cox
    I did thanks, just back home today. I hope you had a great time too.

    Best wishes for a fab 2009!

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