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  • Thanks for the friendship request! It's been a long time since I communicated with you. I forgot you were a writer. I just won a poetry contest and will be in the next issue of a magazine that actors/actresses/movie producers and up coming a/a/& MP's are in and read.... I also went to a Screenwriters conference with a famous Screenwriter who gave me advice on what to do with my Short story that I want to turn into a movie..... It will take some work to transpose but with help, well worth the effort... Nice to hear from you! Love Your Friend, Stacey
    Ah, good for you and good luck on your book. Not sure what you like to read or write about but I do try purchase and read just about anything I find by Dr. Haha Lung and Stephen Turnbull, and yes, I also would highly recommend them, of course.
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