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  • maybe that has to happen Sue to make more room for more threads ..if any one touches my 'steven we love you ' thread i shall be just an wee bit upset but Myst knows what she is doing ..she is an good girl..
    Have you deleted a lot of threads you started? Just noticed the total number of my posts has dropped dramatically and yours too.
    If you felt ok telling me about that then I am happy to listen, good to hear that you are on the road to recovery and doing well, yes I noticed things are quiet. Life ey!
    It has been a while yes hasn't it, hello, how have you been keeping myst hope you are well and happy

    M x
    me too iam shy... whatttttt !!! sure they say ..thanks for those great pics the one with the little girl snuggling into her pooch..
    Nothing but rain here Myst!! And it's cool too, only into the 40's!! And I thought it was "Spring"!!
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