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  • Hi i must admit i havent read that older story of yours but iam heading that way soon its fun writting isnt it and we all have our own style.. keep up the good work mate ..iam abit tired tonight to write but shall in an few days again..
    Hey friend, missing you around here!! Hope you are doing alright and hope you had a very good Christmas and a good start into the New Year.
    I’m sending you my very Best Wishes for the New Year and hope all good things come your way in the year ahead. Blessings for 2009!
    Just popping by to say Hi ! Littledragon has uploaded trailer of Ruslan. Absolutely Brill ! Can't wait to see the film ! SS looking goood and scary, just the way I like him! Hope everything's going OK for you. Speak to you later. Coleen
    I was just looking at your profile picture ! Wow !!!!! where did you meet 'Big Guy' and how long ago was this picture taken ??? Questions, questions ..........................
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