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  • Michelle, it still shows that he is banned.

    Don't know anything more then you guys know.

    I welcomed him onto this forum and the next day I had a friends request from him and that's all.

    Don't know about his taste of music either!!:)
    Hi Michelle,

    That was a beautiful post to me. I agree with the NOW thoughts and you put them in such eloquent terms. Just wonderful!!!!! ;)

    I thought of the Now enroute to work. It is hard to live in the Now. When a person speaks to you badly you say in the Now and the moment they spoke is in the past and you are in the Now right Now. This is a great defense mechanism against the jerks of the World.

    The second part of my thought is that you have to think of what must be done and it is hard to stay in the Now with things hanging over your head. So even in the Now is not the ultimate solution. You bring up good points about this subject. We need to come up with a new expresssion? "Don't think about it. AND stay in the Now. Do you like that I value and respect you thoughts as a professional you are and as a friend. You used the love word in a post and that could get complicated for other members but for me it is Love we do care about eachother in this web based way.


    Thanks for the welcome home Michelle. :)
    I've missed being here. Still trying to catch up on reading everything, will try and answer things today.
    Hi Michelle,

    I have two minutes right now it sounds like we are at the same pace. Take your time and send follow-up when you have time.

    I made a follow-up call to The Job. Thank you for your positive thoughts. They said they are still working on this. They are a huge hospital in town and have about 150 jobs posted on the site and they have five locations. If you want go to Saratoga Hospital site and look for job and you will see Retail Manager Nutrition Dept. It is very interesting if you find it.
    Just wanted to get back to you before the weekend. Have a great weekend.


    Hi Michelle,

    I am so very happy to hear from you...;) Please let Myst. know I was thinking of her also.

    I will be back soon and will have some real good input to the site. I have been out on a third interview for a dream job not the radio one but chef retail manager job for our local hopsital in the cafateria. It would be a big job that could sustain me to retirement. Please give your positive thoughts to this for me. I really like how you think. I have missed our conversations. I hope to be over this extreemly busy time at work soon. I keep adding hours to my day just to keep up. I have become a machine just pumping out work without creeative thought or any satisfaction of helping others. This time has taught me the NOW that I live in right now. Enough of me how are you!

    I like that you are doing a wonderful thing exercising for your body and mind. Once you get into it for about 6 months to one year the feel good endorphins will take over and your mind and body will be happy. I guarantee it.

    You are my special friend here I have missed you. I hope to get over this tough time as you will also. Take care of you family and yourself first.


    very well spoken

    nice to see you see where I'm coming from with that
    now the trick is to just get the rest of the world to see that
    It was great!! Went to see my daughter and my son came up too, so we were all together.Took some pictures of a beautiful rainbow while we were there. Posted it in one of "Chef" threads, because he likes rainbows too.

    Didn't go to the State Fair it would have been too muddy to walk around. Went to Kansas City saturday and spend a few days there!! It was nice, but it went by too fast.

    Of course now the weather is back to being beautiful since my mini-vacation is over.Oh well,John and I had a great time regardless. We always do when we are together!!
    Hi Michelle!! How are you?

    Thanks for all the "good stuff" in the naughty corner. Don't know what to eat first!!LOL:D:D
    Oh dear Michelle, you sound like you are really feeling down about this. I hope you realise that inconsequential is not a word that applies to you. Those other superficial things are just perceptions that can get us all down and if someone is interested in those things then I'm guessing you wouldn't be interested in a shallow person like him. I could rant on but I think you know all the things I would say, just tell them to yourself everyday and start with saying 'Michelle you are great!'
    I'm going off on holiday before the crack of dawn tomorrow so I might not catch you before I go. Keep the spirits up and remember always to match a glass of spririt with one of water. ;)
    Take care
    Hi Michelle,

    My trip is not over yet, currently Iàm in Rome on a walking tour with my daughter. I walked 4 hours today and left her in the park borgese where she wants to see a modern art gallery. I saw one other one with her today and that is enough for my poor tired feet in this heat. but rome is great, so much history, went to malta a week ago and London is great for live jazz clubs, in between looking after my 3 grandchildren and doing lots of walking around London, one on my few opportunities to get online to this site so Iàm taking it while Iàm here until Sat. cheers to everyone who remembers me and Ill get back to you all.Im leaving london for Hong Kong on 30th October. love and peace to everyone,
    I agree with you both, Martin is the culprit for spiking our innocent tea. He distracted us with those rippling muscles while he slipped something in.
    Hi Michelle
    How are the birthday gifts working out for you? I am excited to hear that the rock throwers are on their way out, it all sounds very intriguing, I hope it happens soon so that you can get on with your work.
    How is the new term going?
    Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Heather, Happy Birthday To You! Xxx
    I am not sure if I like this page like this or not.
    Any comments / suggestions??
    Maybe I should use one of the flower pictures from my Butchart Gardens album instead of the trees.
    Any comments / suggestions??
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