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  • Hello my friend ,how are you ,this a very long time that we see you here,we mis you .
    Lovely kisses xxx from me my friend.
    And cheers.
    He Jim whats wrong whit you,i hope you are fine and good
    whit you ,we huert not more from you my friend.
    Let me now that all good is whit you.
    Lovely kisses xxx from me and cheers.
    Hi Jim how are you,i hope fine,this a long time that i
    see and heurt from you my friend.
    Lovely xxx and take care.
    Hello my friend i whis you .
    I hope that is all right whit you my friend.
    Lovely xxx and Take care .
    Hi my friend ,how are you ,i mis you so much.
    Cheers and take care.
    Hello Chef,
    Have only just got back onto this site, have been travelling the globe.
    Missed tuning into your spirituality.
    Have a good one!
    Hi and hello Jim ,how are you my friend ,this along time that i heurt from you ,i hope you are very fine and good.
    Lovelyxxx and take care and cheers.
    Hey Sir Jim :cool:
    Where art though me' Lord??
    Your kingdom shall not be able to continue without your direct presence !

    From your most humble servant !
    Coleen of course ! :D
    Hello Jim ,how are you i hope fine and good my friend.
    and Jim i whis you a health and good luck in 2009
    Take Care and Sensei and XXX Cheers.
    Dear Chef i hope you are fine and from me and my famely.
    We whis you MARRY CHRISTMAS and lovely kisses and cheers my friend.
    Hi Jim this is Lutje how are you this a long time i heurt from you,i hope you ore fine and good.
    From me and my famely,we whis you aMARRY, MARRY CHRISTMAS to you and lovely kisses from me and take care and CHEERS my friend.
    Sir Jim - where art though ??? You OK, just haven't heard from you for awhile ! Missing you, don't stay away too long ! Coleen from across the Atlantic Ocean !!
    Hey hello my very best friend Jim, iam back here how are you
    You stay for me a realy best friend and you are very lovely and nice ,,,and whit my is all ok .
    Lovely kisses and take care and CHEEERS.
    Hey Sir Jim
    How are things at your end of the world ? The weather has been great here, unbelieveable really for month of Nov even the sun was shining today ! It just seems to put the smile on everybody's face for a change !! Slainte
    Hi mate..i do still log in most days but don't always feel the need to comment on posts.
    Life here on this side of the pond is ok! could be better but could also be worse!
    Work is still good, but now have a challenge, my work team has been mixed up so i have new people to work with. And i think i will have a problem with one lady! I will keep you informed. I will just stay positive and express the way i feel honestly. may just take time.xx
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