Mojo Priest

2006 Mojo Priest

After the success of 'Songs From The Crystal Cave', Steven Seagal returned to the studio to record 'Mojo Priest'. This was released on mainland Europe on April 20th 2006. The US release followed on May 23rd 2006. The US release contains a few extra tracks that are not available on the European release.

Mojo Priest Tour:
Steven Seagal and Thunderbox have completed a tour in 2007. They played songs from the two albums and had some great fun at the various venues. Many clips are available on YouTube from the tour.

European Release:
Track Listing:
1. She Dat Pretty
2. Red Rooster
3. Gunfire In A Juke Joint
4. My Time Is Numbered
5. Dark Angel
6. Alligator Ass
7. Talk To My Ass
8. Love Doctor
9. Hoochie Koochie Man
10. Barbeque
11. Dust My Broom
12. Shake
13. Slow Boat To China
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US Release:
Track Listing:
1. Somewhere in Between
2. Love Doctor
3. Dark Angel
4. Gunfire
5. My Time Is Numbered
6. Alligator Ass
7. BBQ
8. Hoochi Coochi Man
9. Talk to My Ass
10. Dust My Broom
11. Slow Boat to China
12. She Dat Pretty
13. Red Rooster
14. Shake
15. Lockwood
16. Homesick
17. Elmoe
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