Music From The Films Of Steven Seagal:

Songs composed by David Michael Frank for Above The Law, Hard To Kill and Out For Justice.
Release date: 01st June 1992

Track Listing:
  1. Main Title from "Hard To Kill"
  2. Seven Year Storm
  3. Just Passing By
  4. Workout
  5. Meditation and Training
  6. New Beginning
  7. Escape from Ojai
  8. Nico in Japan
  9. Chicago Heat
  10. Nico's Lament
  11. South Side
  12. Armageddon II
  13. Joy Ride
  14. Nico's Theme, Pt. 1
  15. House Call
  16. Searching for Richie
  17. Roxanne
  18. In Loving Memory
  19. Steven Seagal Interview
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Marked For Death:

Track Listing:
  1. I Wanna Do Something Feaky To You - Kenyatta
  2. I Joke But I Don't Play - Tone-Loc
  3. Roots and Culture - Shabba Ranks
  4. Put the Funk Back In It - The Brand New Heavies
  5. Welcome to My Groove - Mellow Man Ace
  6. Quiet Passion - N'Dea Davenport
  7. Domino - Masters of Reality
  8. The Shadow of Death - Def Jef/Papa Juggy
  9. Ya Gets None - Body & Soul
  10. Rats Chase Cats - Attic Black
  11. Pick Up the Pace - Young MC
  12. Weapons Montage - James Newton Howard
  13. John Crow - Jimmy Cliff
  14. Steppin' Razor - Peter Tosh
  15. No Justice - Jimmy Cliff
  16. Rebel in Me - Jimmy Cliff
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Out For Justice:

Release date: 26th October 1993

Track Listing:
  1. Don't Stand in My Way - Gregg Allman (Steven Seagal co-wrote)
  2. Shake the Firm
  3. Temptation
  4. When the Night Comes Down
  5. One Good Man
  6. Puerto Riqueno
  7. Bad Side of Town (Steven Seagal co-wrote)
  8. Bigger They Are (The Harder They Fall)
  9. Main Title
  10. One Night in Brooklyn
  11. Final Encounter
Not on the soundtrack CD is the song 'No Sleep Till Brooklin' by The Beastie Boys.
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Under Siege:
Track Listing:
  1. Main Title from Under Siege
  2. Fanfare
  3. The Takeover
  4. Casey Gets in Touch
  5. Casey Saves Jordan
  6. Reveal Sub
  7. Sub Splits
  8. They Sink the Sub
  9. Casey Rescues the Laundry
  10. Sitting Ducks
  11. The Broadway Shootout
  12. Casey Meets Strannix
  13. Casey Saves Hawaii
  14. Epilogue
All music instrumentals by Gary Chang. Not on the soundtrack CD is the song 'Voodoo Child' by Jimi Hendrix.
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On Deadly Ground:
Track Listing:
  1. Main Titles
  2. Aegis Flameout
  3. Forrest Found
  4. The Journey
  5. Forrest Decides/Horse Chase
  6. Jennings Goes Down
  7. The Warning/End Credits
Running time 29 minutes, 34 seconds.
Music composed by Basil Poledouris.
Not on the soundtrack CD are the songs 'Hard Workin' Man' and 'Under The Same Sun'.
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Music begins with expected action synth, but soon changes with symphonic beauty, in a score easily exceeding the expectations of the film. The use of electronics is innovative, and adds a distinct character to the sounds, yet the times when the orchestra moves in to dominate the soundtrack is when the compositions gain much interest, and achieve their potential. Lively percussion and unique vocal sounds give a human and unconventional aspect to the score. The combined integration of all musical components and styles is what makes this soundtrack work. The second half of the soundtrack is outstanding, and despite the short time length of just under 30 minutes, this is a CD to enjoy again and again. Trav's Track : [4] The Journey : The turning point for the soundtrack, and possibly the film itself also. This massive track has it all, beginning with eerie synth and heavy brass sounds, beautiful reflective MUSIC and then pulsing percussion juggles with each Other, with the inuit throat singing circling in full stereo dynamics. Perhaps alone it's hardly a brilliant track, but in terms of setting up the remainder of the soundtrack, it is Poledouris perfection.
Score : 7 out of 10
Review Date : 9 March 1999
Source: The Soundtrack Retrospective

On Deadly Ground: (Basil Poledouris) This is an unexpectedly good score for an unexpectedly good film. Poledouris combines a small orchestra with synth, special percussion, and Inuit Throat Singing to create a good action score. Although its theme is not strong, the action sequences are very satisfying in power and pace. The last two tracks, which include the destruction of the Aegis platform (neat explosion effects in the film, by the way), are fun to listen to while driving. Poledouris incorporates the pulsating bass much like he did in The Hunt for Red October. The native instruments and singing complement the orchestra well, but can be annoying when prominantly placed during loud sequences. Overall, I'd recommend watching the film and listening to the score in the background before purchasing it... especially since the movie is really fun anyway.
Source: Film Tracks

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Under Siege 2:

Release date: 01st August 1995

Track Listing:
  1. Dark Territory
  2. Casey's Family
  3. Compound Assault
  4. Access Codes
  5. Intruder Discovered
  6. Dead, Not Dead
  7. The Gates of Hell/Penn's Wish
  8. Casey's Farewell/After the Train Has Gone
Running time 27 minutes, 43 seconds.
All instrumentals composed by Basil Poledouris apart from 'After The Train Has Gone'.
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Music here doe not reach its' full potential. Though thoroughly an action score, the lack of spark or memorable theme is an obvious downfall. By no way a total failure, the CD is still quite listenable, but the score simply fails to deliver anything that could be considered as refreshing or excellent. The final track is a vocal song co-performed by actor Steven Seagal, further adding insult for the listener!
Score : 6 out of 10
Review Date : 24 May 1999
Source: The Soundtrack Retrospective

the glimmer man frontsmall.jpg
The Glimmer Man:
Release date: 1st October 1996
Track Listing:
  1. Main Title
  2. Emergency
  3. In The School
  4. Run This Number
  5. We're On Our Way
  6. "Punishment And Purification"
  7. I Gotta Tell My Kids
  8. Christopher Maynard / Bless Me Father
  9. Deverell Industries
  10. The Ambush
  11. Got It Come On
  12. Our Lady Of Angels
  13. I'm Trying To Help
  14. You Are Persistent
  15. The Meeting / Hurry Man!!
  16. Finale

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Fire Down Below:

Release date: 09th September 1997
Track Listing:
  1. Back Up Against The Wall - Travis Tritt
  2. Give Me Back My Heart - Marly Stuart
  3. Woman To Woman - The Lynns
  4. Don't Start A Fire (If You Can't Put It Out) - Kostas
  5. Fire Down Below - Kostas, Mark Collie, Jeff Wood And Aaron Tippin
  6. Desert Breeze - Randy Scruggs, Steven Seagal
  7. Paradise - Randy Travis
  8. Pass It On Down - Alabama
  9. Long Way Around - Richie Sambora
  10. I'd Walk Through Fire - Russ Taff
  11. Dark Angel - Taj Mahal, Steven Seagal
  12. Fire In The Hole - Marty Grebb
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Exit Wounds:

Release date: 20th March 2001
Track Listing:
  1. No Sunshine - DMX
  2. State To State - Black Child featuring Ja Rule
  3. Gangsta Tears - Nas [sample]
  4. We Got - Trick Daddy featuring Trina
  5. Party - Sincere featuring Timbaland
  6. It's On Me - Ideal
  7. They Don't **** Wit U - Three 6 Mafia featuring Pat
  8. Walk With Me - Big Stan featuring DMX
  9. 1-2-3 - Memphis Bleek
  10. Bust Your Gun - The Lox featuring Styles and Sheek
  11. Steady Grinding - Mack 10 featuring Cash $$ Millionaires
  12. Incense Burning - Playa
  13. Off Da Chain Daddy - Drag On featuring Aja
  14. Hell Yeah - Outsiderz 4 Life
  15. Hey Ladies - Lady Luck featuring Redman
  16. Fo All Y'All - Caviar featuring WC
  17. Dog 4 Life - Iceberg
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