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(1) Waxman is a talented director
(2) he makes low budget movies looking very good
(3) trailer/film looks promising
(4) good cast
(5) ben foster is a bad ass figther (could be a next seagal)

but after all
seagals double will kill this filme at the end - like alaways

sad thing


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Can someone please share this trailer with other small movie websites so they can post it on there website?!?!

thats what they did in the van damme forun with his movie enemies closer & they posted his! Lets do the same with this one! :)
Seems to be a progress in comparison with MaxCon - better setting, location looks pretty and variable. And music theme add some intriguing mood I must say. Anyway this production is better than the last one...


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Personally I think it looks good. Not great but good. So it will be interesting to see the end result.
Looks terrible. I still cant believe that he choses to make movies like this instead of being in a movie like The Expendables 3. But ah well, if he wants to just eat himself fatter and fuck up his chances for a big Hollywood Blockbuster, then let him. Fuck that fat lazy pig :rolleyes:
If you call yourself Seagal`s fan then have a bit of respect. Finally it`s up to him what project to choose or reject.


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I dont know where to post this but i told Jesus Jesse to post the trailer on his facebook & he did but he also said this about the movie!!

This is my 3rd film with Steven Seagl and it's Releasing in Theaters this November....FORCE OF EXECUTION.... I play the Scurry Strip Club Bouncer Fight scenes...WORD