Get better soon, Serena!


come get some
Hope your leg heals from whatever happened. :)

P.S. Why are you on crutches, if you don't mind me asking?


First, thanks Disciple. :)

Secondly--this is almost embarrassing. Maybe I should just say I did it while jogging or something cool, eh? ;)

Actually, my 3 and 6 y/o nephews spent the day and night Saturday. Long story short, I was playing like I was their age. Guess what--I'm not! :D

I knew as soon as it happened I messed up something in my knee. I'll see the doctor tomorrow, but I've already diagnosed myself. :D It's either a sprain or a torn meniscus or ligament. Need an MRI to prove it either way. If it's a sprain, I'll be back at work in a week or two. If it needs arthroscopic surgery, it'll be be a few weeks.

Either way, no big deal. Just more time here to spend with you guys!!! :D :D

Geeze, I can hear the groans from here. ;) :D


come get some
Serena said:
Either way, no big deal. Just more time here to spend with you guys!!! :D :D

Well, there's always something good from something bad. :)

Like I said, I hope it heals and it's not serious and doesn't require surgery. I've hurt my leg/ankle a few times, messing around in martial arts practice, wrestling etc. I was never in a cast or anything, but still it sucked not being able to move around much. But then, it's a great way to catch up on TV and videos, I guess! :D


Serena,you seem to be in a rivalry with me for the most outstanding cynism,eh?Or simply trying to reduce the number of the threads ending with my name down the whole frontpage,eh?:D
But I like cynics a lot as they're from the same boat as I am so whatever you're doing to me ain't actually reflecting on my behavior...:D


tora said:
Goddamn!Serena,I'm so happy to hear that!
P.S.This post must be deleted.:D

What--you're so happy to hear I messed my knee up? :D

I'll leave it there THIS time, Tora. ;) But just so you know, some people find that word very offensive, even though I personally don't. Just a thought. :)


Just happy to hear you're getting over this...:D Otherwise wouldn't have you here now having some fun...:D


Thanks to you both, Disciple and Tora. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. :) And I have to say, I've had a blast here today!!! :D

Good idea about some movies. I've been wanting to do a marathon of movies, something I almost never ever have time for. Since I have to be out at the doctor's tomorrow, I think I'll pick up a few. Any suggestions? Besides Steven's, I mean. Something I haven't seen. I haven't seen Matrix 2 and 3. I'd like some along this line, maybe, and a sequel. Anybody ideas?

I've never seen either of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potters. What do some of you recommend?


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Ihope it isn't serious, Serena! My best friend had arthroscopic surgery on BOTH knees(not at the same time)....anyway, IGet Well, kat :)


come get some
It depends what you're in the mood for, Serena.

If you want action, you could go for the Matrix sequels, but honestly neither of them are as good as the first one. I would go for either Pirates of the Caribbean, or Master and Commander instead. And if you really want some fast action, then Underworld was another ok one- combined a horror theme with Matrix style shoot outs.

Or you could go for the first two Lord of the Rings movies (part 3 just came out in the theaters, not out on video). Actually, they would be perfect to watch in a row since they're so long. You'll probably be emotionally drained after you're done with those two though. So it's up to you.

If you want comedy, I would go with Finding Nemo. But since you have nephews I'm guessing you've already seen that. In which case, try School Of Rock. Something's Gotta Give is alright if you like Jack Nicholson, if you don't then you'll hate it.


worthy new comedic film

Head of State is not bad (not the greatest comedy, but it's worthy)
- produced, directed, and co-written by Chris Rock (one of the only Chris Rock pieces you'll see that's not rated 18A or above)

get well, get well soon, we want you to get well (Elaine from Seinfeld episode)


Thanks for the suggestions, Disciple. I might just pass on the Matrix movies for now. I've heard similar comments from others about them.

Is Master and Commander out on video? If it is, I'd like to see that one. I'll have to check. Underworld, eh? Sounds like something I could get into.

For some odd reason, I've never seen the X-Men, either one, although I like those kinds of movies. Any thoughts on these two?

You're right about Finding Nemo. I've seen that quite a few times. :) I really enjoyed that one. School of Rock is an excellent suggestion. I've heard great things about that and it looks entertaining. I can leave or take Jack Nicholson, but I like Kathy Bates and thought the movie looked pretty good. Might give that one a shot, too.


Storm, Kat, Rodrigo, Yudansha--thanks to each of you for your wishes. Honestly, it really isn't anything major, even in a worst case scenario. Just a "minor inconvenience".

Maybe this will teach me to act my age, eh? ;) Nah, probably not. :D


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Be grateful you don't live in my apartment building, Serena - no elevator, and it doesn't matter which floor you live on you still have to go up and down stairs to get home! (I live on the third floor, and one day coming home, my left knee absolutely refused to function. I had to hop up one and a half flights of stairs and the railing was on the wrong side to off-set the non-functioning knee. That was fun.)

Mmm.... watching movies all day.... there are compensations, I suppose... :D


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Oh, Serena, I didn't know you hurt your knee, I really must have missed something here...:(
I'm so sorry to hear that...
I hope you won't need any surgery, because you work so hard as it is...
Will you get paid for you off time? If so that's good, you can rest...
MRI's can be scary, my dad is due for one soon and they really freak him out...
He has AVN in his left hip, and the steroids he's on might worsen the condition...
I REALLY hope you won't need the surgery....
Get better soon my lovely, fun, friend, I hope it isn't hurting you too much...If I know you, your a strong one though...:)
I'm apologizing, as I feel kind of ashamed that I didn't know about this sooner...

BTW, Storm, how are you, doing? Hope all is well with your throat situation...:)