Like A Rose Bud

When Praying This came to mind....Have you ever been sitting near a flower garden that had a rose bush.... All of a sudden a severe thunderstorm rolls in, raining down hard with powerful strong winds blowing furiously against the rose bush, that contains young rose buds. As hard as the rain is pounding and wind blowing against that rose bush, the young rose buds never fall off. The next day, after the strom has passed, Low and Behold, the rose buds have become the most beautiful roses on the bush! It survived the storm, grew stronger and was more beautiful than before. I Love this analogy the LORD gave me for encouragement and choose to believe that these tempest storms I am currently going through in life, will be like the storm was to those rose buds. I'm just a rose bud on the Tree of Life, waiting for the storms to pass, so it can make me stronger and bring out the Best in me, on this pathway I am traveling upon, during my lifes journey.... I may not always know where it is leading me or taking me but I know that somehow it will ALL turn out alright! The pruning process is what hurts but will make me a better and stronger person, after the end of each pruning process....! Guess I should remember this when I am going through the tempest storms of life that try to beat me down.... Eventually I will be what others Say I Could Never Become because I have Faith to Believe and an Ear to Listen and Learn from all my experiences! Glean from what every lesson/each lesson, has to teach me.

Written By: Stacey Denise Cox :yin:
June 20, 2009
Quotes From William Shakespeare

"In Nature there's no blemish but the mind;
None can be called deformed but the Unkind."
Twelfth Night

"Where words are scarce,
they are seldom spent in vein,
For they breathe truth that
they breathe their words in pain."
Richard II

""Out with it boldly:
Truth Loves Open Dealing."
Henry VIII

"No legecy is so rich as
All's Wel That Ends Well

"How far that little candle
throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a
naughty world."
Merchant of Venice

"The web or our life is of a
mingled yarn, good and
ill together."
All's Well That Ends Well

"Be cheerful; wipe thine eyes:
Some falls are means the
happier to arise."

"Innocence shall make
False accusation blush,
and tyranny
Tremble at patience."
The Winter's Tale

"Whither should I fly?
I have done no harm.
But I remember now
I am in this earthly world;
where to do harm
is often laudable,
to do good sometime
Accounted dangerous folly."

"O, what authority and
show of truth
Can cunning sin cover
itself withal!"
Much Ado about Nothing

"Happy thou art not;
For what thou has not,
still thou strivest to get,
And what thou hast, forget'st."
Measure for Measure

"Though perils did
Abound, as thick as thought
could make them, and
Appear in forms more
horrid, _ yet my duty,
As doth a rock against the
chiding flood,
Should be the approach of this
wild river break,
Stand Unshaken."
Henry VIII

"Though little fire grows
great with little wind,
Yet extreme gusts will blow
out fire and all."
The Taming of the Shrew

"Strong Reasons make
Strong Actions."
King John

Regardless of these Viscious attacks against me, by my Abuser, I shall overcome. Justice and Truth, Always Prevais Over matter who the abuser knows...Eventually ALL The Truth Will Be Heard.....!!!!!

Stacey :yin:​
Standing Up For Truth & Justice

Stadning up for Truth & Justice to Prevail and Self-protection/Self-Defense from unjust People who Think They are Above the Law, Is NEVER WRONG!!!! Justice Will Prevail!

Stacey Denise COX :yin: